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Nabilla became the laughing stock of the Canvas after his statements on his bag crocodile skin

Nabilla would have done better never to return to the controversy around his bag in crocodile skin. After being justified, once again, it triggered numerous reactions on the re...

Maria Elena Woods embraced Giulio Berruti: all the photos

The former minister, and the handsome actor were already pinched together a year ago. Here are the details

PHOTO Kylie Jenner : her best friend shows too MUCH in a transparent dress

Kylie Jenner and her best friend Anastasia Karanikolaou have even made the mercury to rise on Instagram. The two young women have almost all shown their anatomy on a souvenir photo of...

Caesar 2020 : Aïssa Maïga did not “validate his response” that has divided

On the 28th of February last, Aïssa Maïga appeared on the scene of Caesar 2020, in order to put the price of the Best hope for women. The actress used her speech to advocate for diversity. In...

VIDEO Jean-Michel Aphatie reveals his salary from the Newspaper and scans the rumors

Between 2006 and 2015, Jean-Michel Aphatie has been a columnist in Le Grand Journal of Canal+. A position for which he would have been very well paid. But the journalist today want to restore the ev...

Who is Marta Faggot, the girlfriend of Silvio Berlusconi after Francesca Pascale

The photos show Silvio Berlusconi with Marta Faggot in Switzerland published by Diva and Women's, were followed by a press release that announced the break-up between him and Francesca Pascale. Here is who is the Faggot, parliamentarian of Force Italy of 30 years with a past in the press office of Milan.

Celine Dion lynchée because of a movie : the truth on these images that have shocked the Canvas

Celine Dion has she snubbed one of her fans who would sing a song ? It is this that suggests a video has become viral on the web. Except that it is a montage, and that the reality is ibe...

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom

The four faces of cinema, sport and culture to meet on a beach and have interpreted for us the concept of freedom. Between the laughter and gossip and confidences, it was a time of celebration, a hymn to the strength and the beauty. With the help of the inspiration of a fragrance that speaks for itself. Signed by a certain Yves, that women understood them really