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Make-up and hair: strategies anti-hot and anti-sweat

Never give up the glam even though it is warm. It seems utopia. Yet with a few right precautions it is not so difficult to become the perfect "beach babe". Here a few tips

Peeling the summer, what are they and what are they used for

There are formulas "sun free" that leave the skin super bright in the middle of summer without staining it. Never improvise, though. The advice of a dermatologist for not making a mistake

Summer 2020: the beauty trends most loved by the stars

Hair, fashion accessories and a color: the blonde, the better when paired with the bob, the cut must-haves of the period. All the beauty trends of the summer of 2020 favorite (and worn) by the celeb on vacation

The sun, the creams for those with sensitive skin

Things to know about the skin sensitive to the sun-and post-exposure. The supplements and creams with spf that conform to even the complexion, reduce the possible inflammatory state

Joey King and Taylor Zakhar Perez of “Kissing Booth 2” in the holiday together: is it love?

The actors of "Kissing Booth 2" Joey King and Taylor Zakhar Perez posting on Instagram photos of their holiday together. And for the fans it would be a test of their love

Happy birthday Charlotte Casiraghi, 34 years old, by restless soul

The second daughter of caroline of Monaco celebrates its first 34 years on August 3. And here we go over a tumultuous life, that in the Principality say, to resemble that of the mother: "I've always had a restlessness of the fund, which has brought me to question me about what is happening to me, and to become aware of the fragility of existence"

Costanza Caracciolo, summer, mother bis

The postcards under the sun of the star, almost all in Italy for the summer 2020. For the former tissue, the holidays are family, with Christian Vieri, and his daughters, Isabel and Stella

How to do wavy hair with a hair straightener (video tutorial)

You only need a little bit of (simple) manual. In the video, the steps to create a motion blur test of the summer, and some helpful advice to get the best from your own hair