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Eros Ramazzotti and the break with Marica Pellegrinelli, colleagues: “Come, sorry to see you sad”

These days, Eros Ramazzotti has intervened on Instagram to defend Marica Pellegrinelli by a series of rumors circulating on his own account as a result of the end of the marriage with the artist. Several well-known faces from the world of entertainment, then, took the opportunity to express their proximity to the colleague.

Tiziano Ferro is married, the wedding with the companion 50-year-old Victor Allen

As rigferiscono Dagospia and Vanity Fair, the singer, very reserved about his private life, it would be tied to a wedding with fellow Victor, 50 years old of Los Angeles. Iron lives in the american city, but would have chosen Sabaudia for a secret ceremony and blindatissima (with a few guests and her parents) to say the fateful yes.

Sinisa mihajlovic Mihajlovic sick, the news of Ivan Zazzaroni: “Friendship of 20 years ruined” him: “Sorry”

The disease sinisa mihajlovic Mihajlovic anticipated by the Corriere dello Sport, Ivan Zazzaroni. In the press conference, the coach of the Serbian attacked indirectly who “has ruined a friendship that had lasted for twenty years. He did it to sell two hundred copies at most”. Today, Zazzaroni responds in a long editorial: “I've done the journalist and not the friend. Today would not do it again”.

Roberta Morise: “It’s over with Luca Tognola, after three years, he had become jealous and possessive”

Roberta Morise has announced that they are single session. The presenter of The Facts Your all know, that is over after 3 years the relationship with Luca, Tognola, real estate, and her ex-boyfriend. The ex-girlfriend of Carlo Conti explains: “he Had become jealous, sometimes even possessive, attitudes that were exacerbated when I moved to Lugano, where we lived, to Rome.”

Fabio Rovazzi defends girlfriend Kokeshi: “Bullying against Karen, me, I would keep close”

Fabio Rovazzi defends girlfriend Karen Rebecca Casiraghi, youtuber better known as Kokeshi, from the hater who targeted it on social. “Bullying free against her,” writes the singer on his profile on Instagram, then the tone becomes bitter, without hiding a hint of annoyance: “Hold on tight " i like long will be worth something”.

Amadeus and Giovanna Civitillo you were married

Amadeus and Giovanna Civitillo are finally married, after the announcement a few weeks ago, in a roman church has pronounced the fateful yes. In the presence of a few friends and children, Jose Alberto and Laura. After the annulment of the first marriage of the conductor of Rai1 have crowned their dream.

Loredana Lecciso close to the big Brother Vip: “I have always refused, this year I could accept”

Loredana Lecciso opens the doors to the House of Big Brother Vip. The ex-girlfriend of Al Bano Carrisi is know to have rejected more than one proposal in the course of the years. This year, thanks to the conducting of which is entrusted to Alfonso Signorini, may sincerely consider the idea: “I try the fact that he is to lead it”.

Marco Maddaloni and Romina Giamminelli: “this Time we’re getting married really, a wedding in Naples in September”

The winner of the Famous Island, and his companion, already husband and wife in a civil ceremony, get married in the church. The proposal had arrived in reality, but he had never realized the project, angering Romina: “I realized that I was doing wrong. I can now say with certainty that the wedding there will be”.