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Marta Flavi out of the breast at 68 years of age, the irony about social: “And the forty-year-olds mute”

The springs for the presenter and the historic “marriage Agency” I am now 68, but the identity card is only a detail in this case. After the shot on Instagram, Marta Flavi has received the congratulations of his fan-base: “And the forty-year-olds all mute!”. The secret presenter is a laser therapy and non-invasive.

Leonardo Tano, the son of Rocco Siffredi model for Pitti Uomo

In the month of June takes place one of the most important events for men's fashion, Pitti Uomo, held in Florence, italy. During one of the parades, that of the fashion designer Massimo Giorgetti, has debuted as a model, the second son of the pornstar Rocco Siffredi. The guy called Leonardo Tano and has only twenty years.

The daughter of Luke Perry shows the family photo album: here are the photos that will make you move

Sophie Perry, the daughter, 18-year-old actor made famous by the Beverly Hills, 90210, has published some shots dating back to his childhood with his dad Luke. A tribute to the tender and exciting to the unforgettable Dylan McKay, passed away at the age of only 52 on march 4th, for the consequences of a devastating stroke.

Al Bano: “Romina Power did not speak with Loredana Lecciso. I do not like, dream for peace among them.”

How are the relations between the eternal rivals” Romina Power and Loredana Lecciso? Non-existent, as far as relates To the Bano, who dreams of peace between his ex. In an interview from Moscow, the apulian singer he is also remembered with affection, the daughter Ylenia, who disappeared 25 years ago in circumstances never clarified.

Aurora Ramazzotti and Sara Daniel, friends, “hot” on the beaches of Greece

Aurora Ramazzotti, Sara and Daniel, the protagonists of a historic friendship, are finished in one of the services paparazzati of “Who” after their last holiday in Greece. The two friends have fun and go to poses and toys are sexy, in spite of the paparazzi hungry and well positioned for recovery of precious shots.

The truth of Pamela Prati: “Behind Mark Caltagirone there is a man, I am convinced”

For the first time, after the storm in the media, Pamela Prati trust in a long exclusive to the “Who” his impressions on the story, “Mark Caltagirone”. The prevailing narrative already heard in his confession to “True”: “I Am a woman who offered no defenses to the dream of his life”, then attacks: “If behind all this there are Eliana and Pamela? I can not say with certainty, but I have strong doubts about them”. Then dig a Barbara D'urso: “Why, when Live-this is Not the D'urso interview all of the characters that has been done what has been done to me, with a system that is repeated by ten years, others are the victims and not me?”. Then the bomb: “Behind Mark Caltagirone are convinced that there is a man”.

The romance is over between Lucy Bramieri and Gianluca Tubs, the ex-GF: “necessary Choice, it is off the sun”

Lucia Bramieri announces via Instagram the end of his relationship with Gianluca Tubs, a former protagonist of the throne over Men and Women. It was the former contestant of Big Brother to announce the separation: “my heart is in pieces, but certain choices are necessary. When you are not good any more is it better to change”.

Anna Falchi: “Pamela Prati has the habit to stage fake weddings”

Anna Falchi back to talk about the fake marriage between Pamela Prati and the elusive Mark Caltagirone in the radio program “A day to listen to”, broadcast on Radio Cusano Campus: “I understand that Pamela has this habit for years now to stage fake weddings, as he did with Max Bertolani his ex, years ago.”