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Alessia Marcuzzi in a holiday in Puglia with My, the resort that hosts it costs about 1000 euro per night

Well-deserved vacation for Alessia Marcuzzi that I am going to spend the summer around the world. The presenter of the famous island was given as a present some day in Puglia, together with the small Mine, the daughter born from the marriage with Francesco Facchinetti. The resort, home to two is designed: in the high season, the rooms cost about 1000 euro a night.

Giulia De Lellis at a conference: “you all Know where I was born”, i present the freeze: “No!”

“You all know where I come from,” says Giulia De Lellis, a guest at a conference of the Agora. The present, however, accept this sentence with some perplexity. “I no” “me Neither”,, “No” I " is the comments to the faux pas of the influencers that recovers quickly, “excuse me, I don't know why I have given it for granted.”

Alessio Campoli breaks the silence: “I and Angela need feeding and we switched off, do not throw mud on her,”

Alessio Campoli broke the silence. In these hours, has intervened on Instagram to clear the air on the breakup with Angela need feeding. The decision to take a different road it would have happened about a week ago and, therefore, only 13 days after the selection took place in the study of ‘Men and Women’. Here are the words of a former suitor.

Andrea Zelletta in love with Natalia’s Compare: “Never felt for another what I feel for her”

Andrea Zelletta confirmation of being in love with Natalia's Unmatched, his choice to Men and Women. “What I feel for her I've never tried it to no other,” says the former tronista, who confirms to have found the beautiful bride-to-all what she was looking for from the dating show hosted by Maria De Filippi. And balances: “In my desires there are two children”.

Maxi Lopez: “I’m Not talking with my children for three months, Wanda Nara, has sent me messages aggressive”

Wanda Nara and Maxi Lopez are again at loggerheads. The player claims not to speak with the children for three months. “It all depends on the mother,” it said. Then accuses the partner of Mauro Icardi: “he has sent Me messages aggressive”. Lopez and Wanda, separated from 2013, they have never been able to maintain good relations.

Raffaella Mennoia: “Angela need feeding and Alessio Campoli are left”

Angela need feeding and Alessio Campoli are left? Raffaella Mennoia adds what seems to be the missing piece. The author of ‘Men and Women’ did he know that the two would be given their version of the facts to the editorial and he added: “I stick to what I see and what happens: two guys who met, met for the first time in our program, and then you are left”.

“Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson have left”, from England entries on the sunset of the couple

According to what was reported by the tabloid The Sun, would have ended the love story between the lead vocalist of Coldplay, and actress, that went on for about two years. Love would be finished for over a month and it was the same Martin to give the news to some friends, in confidence.

De Lellis in Barcelona with Andrea Iannone, Giulia formalizes their love in a video

The weekly Who publishes a photo that shows Giulia De Lellis on board a scooter along with the rider Andrea Iannone. The influencer has reached his new love in Barcelona where you are holding the evidence for the circuit of Catalonia. And in a video, the roman has confirmed the proximity to the former of Belén Rodriguez.