Vintage?! It's adorable! 🍒 “I was a dreamer before you went and let me down.”

Hair piercings and decorations for the hair, not only for the festival

The covid has taken the festival of music, not the fantasy, then why not use it to decorate the hair as if those concerts we had to really go there? The stars give us some idea, look for a rock from the middle of the summer

Gazzetta di Parma: “Parma chooses the new ‘diesse’: Carli in the lead”

Daniele Faggiano announced at the Genoa remains vacant the post of sports director in home Parma. La Gazzetta di Parma today at the newsstand with a headline in.

Alessandro Preziosi has a new girlfriend… and also a new bacon!

The actor is back in love brick. After a few months as a single person, the weekly has pinched in sweet company. So sweet... to accumulate on the rolls

Tanning: products and tips to maintain it

All the step to a beauty routine, that does not make desquamare, redden, or, worse still, delete it in a few days the tan so laboriously conquered. This year especially

Summer hair: variations on the theme of wet look

From the high rate of seduction, the look wet effect this year lends itself to creative interpretations and combinations of texture. Inspiration from copaire

Curly hair short: how to make them and the right styling

An "affaire" that not only affects the women. Also between the men broke out the craze of the curls. Here's how to get them defined and bouncy in a few simple steps

ClioMakeUp leave New York: “I thought about it from time to time, I will be back 1 September”

After twelve years, ClioMakeUp leaves the Big Apple to return home, in Italy. The return was already in the program, but the pandemic has accelerated the timing of the re-location. We felt for us to tell how the is facing

Charlize Theron, 45 years of magnetic beauty

Ethereal, graceful, never over the top. With her icy eyes and that contagious smile, the south african actress, on the 7th of August, off 45 years of age. We decided to celebrate it in all its beauty