Vintage?! It's adorable! 🍒 “I was a dreamer before you went and let me down.”

Sabrina Paravicini, the progress after treatment: “all in All I have no reason to be unhappy”

Sabrina Paravicini continues to instill a message of immense hope and strength. The cycle of therapies continues, but the actress fights the disease with the will and determination. In the last shot posted on her profile Instagram, embraces his companions, chemotherapy, and reflects on the many small advances made in these months.

Giulia De Lellis: “If I speak, ruin families,” is a hunt for the identity of the mysterious

The gossip world in revolt for the utterances in the midst of social and Giulia De Lellis: “just Now, if I talk I ruin families, therefore I will stay silent for the good of all”. Who is the audience of the influencer on the rise? His arrows towards those who are direct? On the web, the most credited names seem those of Belen Rodriguez and Valentina Dallari.

No history between Eros Ramazzotti and Miss Italy, Carolina Stramare denies: “that’s bullshit”

After rumors of the latter, who wanted to Carolina Stramare close to Eros Ramazzotti, it was Miss Italy in categorically the indiscretion with a series of stories, posted on Instagram, in which he clarifies the only detail that sees it linked to Eros, that is a tattoo: “I wrote the day after the announcement to congratulate me and I thanked him, this is”.

Raz Degan is confessed most True: “Yes, I have a new love”

The actor and model celebrates 25 years of the commercial that made him famous. In the interview, reveals the name of her new flame

“No love affair with Eros, Carolina Stramare denies everything

Miss Italy publish on Instagram in the denial of the speculation that would see it close to the roman singer

Cyberbullying against Alexandra Grant, the partner of Keanu Reeves: “it Looks like Helen Mirren”

Alexandra Grant criticized on social to be simply herself: “it Seems as old as Helen Mirren”. But there are those who defends it: “it Is only envy, are a very beautiful couple”. The woman who stole the heart of Keanu Reeves is the most envied at the moment, especially from the fans of the actor of “the Matrix” and “John Wick”.

Ambra Angiolini presents the daughter Jolanda Renga, the fans: “You have the same smile”

Ambra Angiolini, presented her daughter Jolanda Renga on Instagram: “Dress in ‘way of smiles’ and I think I want to stay forever”. The photo became full of like and comments: “You are equal, you have the same smile”. And there are those who note: “The girl has taken the best from both parents.”

Fabio Fognini: “I and Flavia are expecting a baby girl. I would never wish for my sons tennis career”

Guest: "True", the champion sportsman tells the story between career and private life