Vintage?! It's adorable! 🍒 “I was a dreamer before you went and let me down.”

Height increasing elevator shoes for men

In the beginning, we wore shoes to protect our feet. I mean, it made no sense to walk barefoot. You risked having...

Top Solitaire Card Games on App Store You Should Play Today

If you have played Solitaire on your PC and wish to carry the game along with you everywhere, especially on your iPhone...

Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing) divorce Clark Gregg after 19 years of marriage

It's official :Clark Gregg has filed for divorce from his wife, Jennifer Grey, August 13, 2020 Los Angeles, according to an article published in The Blast. Married for 19 years, the couple had announced their se...

“Ted Lasso” renewed for a second season

According to Variety, Apple has already renewed the new program Apple TV+ "Ted Lasso" for a second season.

Mantua, arriving the midfielder the club and the defender White

The Mantua has announced on their official website the arrival of Leonardo Mazza, the midfielder born in the year 2000, Bologna (where he was trained.

Netflix launches new test for the Shuffle function

Undecided on what to see on Netflix? With the button "Shuffle" you can start shuffle play and not to waste time in choosing!

Feast PSG without distanziamenti. The health department of the French: “the Fans, make the pads”

Have sparked controversy, and concerns the scenes of celebration and jubilation of the fans of the PSG immediately after the qualification in the final of the Champions league.

Dungeons & Dragons: an artist has created thumbnails of heroes on wheelchairs

An artist has created miniatures for Dungeons & Dragons, in which the heroes are on wheelchairs.