Vintage?! It's adorable! 🍒 “I was a dreamer before you went and let me down.”

ClioMakeUp, three weeks from the birth and far from his New York city: “I don’t know what we will do” Support Today

The youtuber is in Virginia at the home of a friend of hers with her husband and daughter. Here's what he said in the video of Marco Monty Montemagno

PHOTO Jade Leboeuf pregnant : reveals baby bump the more sexy Instagram

Jade Leboeuf is pregnant with her first child, and announced the happy event on march 15. This 4 April, the beautiful model has posted a nice picture as sexy as a tender which has moved its...

PICTURE of Dominique Farrugia and his wife launched a challenge amazing (and very disgusting)

Will you dare to meet the challenge of Dominique and Isabelle Farrugia ? On Instagram, the former star of the Void and his wife are trying to start a new challenge-based underwear......

Dadju dad : the brother of Gims announces the birth of his second child with Cauet

Dadju announced the birth of his second child in the emission Cauet on NRJ. Reached by telephone Friday, 3 April, the brother of Master Gims explained that his girlfriend had given birth the night p...

Nabilla very emotional after a phone call from Brigitte Macron to thank

Incredible but true : Brigitte Macron has made a telephone call to Nabilla. The first lady wished to thank him orally for the starlet of the small screen for his gift to the Hospitals of France. This...

Death of actor Logan Williams (The Flash) at the age of 16 years

The american series The Flash has lost one of its super-heroes. The actor Logan Williams, who's interpretation of the youth version of the main character in the flashback scenes suddenly died...

What cutting will do as soon as it will be when the emergency was over coronavirus?

It will be a helmet from the a-line is versatile, easy to manage and at the same time very fresh. And for the entire 2020 will focus everything on the texture of the hair. In the gallery all of the bob of the season for inspiration

Charles of England, who will pay for the safety of Harry and Meghan (and other stories of the week)

From the latest news on Harry and Meghan, always the most distant from the royal family to gossip about the Hollywood star: Irina Shayk would have a new love, Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are waiting for the second child. All that, perhaps, you have lost