Vintage?! It's adorable! 🍒 “I was a dreamer before you went and let me down.”

PHOTO Tomorrow belongs to us : Lorie Inveighing found an actress for the series of TF1

A beautiful surprise was awaiting the fans of Lorie Swearing in the story of his account Instagram, this Thursday, 2 July. The singer and actress has shared her reunion with a former p...

Claude (Koh-Lanta) launches into a salsa with two ex-adventurers and it is very funny

Claude is definitely moved on to something else after his defeat in Koh-Lanta. The winner of the hearts of the fans of the show took advantage of his free time to meet old adventurers. And their re...

PHOTO Edouard Philippe very relaxed : this wink dress in his resignation

Edouard Philippe already had the head elsewhere well before the start of the transfer of power with Jean Castex. On Twitter, the mp Thierry Solère has even posted a photo of the former Prime minist...

PHOTO Norbert Tarayre post a photograph of the first meeting between his daughter and his son

On June 7, 2020, while the French were celebrating the moms, Norbert Tarayre became a dad for the fourth time. A month later, it is with the same emotion that the leader has presented his " little pr...

Between Giovanna Abate, and Sammy Hassan would have lasted only a few days, “No clarity” reveals she

Giovanna Abate, and Sammy Hassan have decided not to do yet clarity regarding their love story. The tronista and the suitor known to Men and Women they would have disbanded a few days after the choice. “When it will be made clear, I'll explain it all,” says now the Abbot. Words that leave the situation suspended. What is happening between the two?

The “most beautiful” Melissa Satta: the summer of 2020 is in Sardinia

The former tissue is returned to "home", between the blue of the north of Sardinia. Ready to start your holiday with Maddox and her husband, Kevin Prince Boateng. All of the photos of celeb are already on holiday

Chiara Ferragni pregnant again (they say) and the other gossip of the week

The assumed second maternity influencers, to a certain Giorgia Palmas, who in a few months you will be mom of a little girl, until the beautiful summer Aurora Ramazzotti, between work commitments, love and family. All that, perhaps, you have lost

VIDEO Deal : amused by an object, Sophie Davant share in laughter, all alone

This Friday, July 3, in done Deal, Sophie Davant was delighted to find the auctioneer Jérôme Duvillard. All perky, the moderator has not stopped laughing for the estimati...