Vintage?! It's adorable! 🍒 “I was a dreamer before you went and let me down.”

Jason Momoa bald, and without the abdominals, like you have never seen

In an ad for "Rocket Mortgage", which aired during the Super Bowl 2020, Jason Momoa is freed of its "attributes". And he surprised everyone

Bafta 2020: the beauty look more beautiful than the stars on the red carpet

The crops, of every kind and dimension, surpass in running locks free and loose, while the make-up is pink, in all of its nuances, to put all agree. The "british academy", the side of beauty, will be the prelude of those in the united states?

Men cheat and women #nomakeup, social they reinterpret the aesthetic codes

On social, we see more and more women without makeup and men with full make-up. But don't call it an exchange of roles, but the positive side of Instagram that helps to break down barriers and social conventions, promoting the freedom of expression. With good peace of the haters

Sanremo 2020, the beauty look of the first evening

From the blonde Hollywood Diletta Leotta, at the neckline breathtaking Elodie to the

Emilia Clarke: “do Not ask me anything before nine in the morning”

After 10 years of intense make-up to portray the Mother of Dragons, and now that she's an ambassador of the brand, beauty has finally found the solution for his skin "tired". During the london event of the "unveiling" of his new role, he has revealed its secrets, even the one on his iconic eyebrows

Grey hair: a colorist (to Jane Fonda) makes them fabulous

Has a salon in California and became famous for being the magician of the grey hair: helps to free women from the retouch of regrowth. Among its customers? Jane Fonda, which has transformed the look for the Oscars 2020. She told us her story and why is her hair silver is no longer a taboo

Mareva Galanter : why she refused to invite her relatives in Stars in the nude

Unlike most celebrities who have participated in Stars in the nude, Mareva Galanter did not invite any of his relatives to the recording of the show at the Lido. A decision she has explained...

Elizabeth II : this letter is heart-wrenching written to her father, on the day of his death

In full trip to Kenya in February 1952, queen Elizabeth II learned of the death of his father. Without knowing it, she was in the process of writing him one last letter, that he will have jama...