Vintage?! It's adorable! 🍒 “I was a dreamer before you went and let me down.”

Booba vs Kaaris : rappers sentenced to pay 45 000 euros of compensation

Rappers Booba and Kaaris come to be condemned to pay the sum of 45 000 euros after their settlement accounts at the Orly airport.

VIDEO Raymond Devos : his last girlfriend, who was accused of having poisoned, blaming his family

Samantha Lemonnier, who claims to have been the last girlfriend of Raymond Devos is back on the war legacy that followed his death. In particular, it has made serious accusations against the...

Kim Kardashian and her darker skin, which is accused of racism, she denies it: “All the fault of the light”

The american star is over the centre of a storm of social that has accused her of racism for having laid in a shot where it appears to the complexion darker than usual. she has denied: “it Is the light that creates that effect, certain allegations are ridiculous.” It is not the test time this happened: last year, Kim posed in a photo shoot in the true style of Jackie Kennedy.

Ingrid Chauvin is cracked the internet with a video of his son Tom

This is the moment cute of the day. Still active on Instagram, Ingrid Chauvin has shared an adorable video of her son Tom at school. The opportunity to discover that the little boy means to me...

Alexandra Rosenfeld speaker : someone makes fun of her, Hugo Clement defends it

News People. Alexandra Rosenfeld was attacked on his physique by a user is malicious. Hugo Clement, his companion, immediately flew to his rescue.

Nikos Aliagas : this famous singer, with whom he has impressed his six-year old girl

It is one of the presenters the most well-known of the French audiovisual landscape. Journalist, host of radio and television, Nikos Aliagas currently hosts the show 50 minutes inside diffuse...

Dany Boon in a relationship with actor Laurence Arné : Soon to be marriage ?

News People. Dany Boon is a man in love. The actor is always also loving the lovely Laurence Arné... to such a point that it would already have plenty of projects in mind !

VIDEO Patrick Puydebat would have had to participate in DALS : it reveals which replaced it (and has earned)

Some are unaware of it, but Patrick Puydebat, the legendary sidekick of Hélène Rollès, would have had to participate in Dancing with the stars. But he was replaced at the last moment by a singer who has also...