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Clizia Incorvaia: “I have Not betrayed Francesco Sarcina, we were separated. Of Course I don’t speak”

The ex-wife of Francesco Sarcina, accused publicly by the singer having had a relationship with his best friend Riccardo Scamarcio, speaks to the Corsera of the story defending his private life: “No one asks to Sarcina of his situations around Italy, in restaurants with women, always different”. And on the alleged romance with the actor: “I don't talk, that is private life”.

Francesco Monte to be out with Isabella De Candia: the first photo social with girlfriend

Francesco Monte to be out with Isabella De Candia. The former tronista of ‘Men and Women’ and the model have published on the social the first photo of the couple. The two are tight portraits in an embrace on the shore of the sea. A few weeks ago, the Mountain was vented against those who had threatened for the end of the story with Giulia Salemi.

FaceApp Challenge, such as get older the famous: Aurora Ramazzotti Chiara Ferragni

All the rage in the network, the FaceApp Challenge, a sort of challenge collection famous that allows you to discover how we will be “large” by using an app that is capable of simulating the ageing of the face. Responded to the appeal by many celebrities who have shared their photos the most successful.

“Sara Affi Fella pregnant”, the picture launches the gossip but she denies: “No pregnancy”

An image published on the Instagram Stories from the former (as discussed) tronista that sees it with her boyfriend Francesco Fedato has crept into the fans suspicious about a pregnancy, she responded with a video. Someone has taken the opportunity to attack for the umpteenth time the Affi Fella: “No denials”never".

Tiziano Ferro and marriage: “The choice I made is bigger than me and Victor, it’s about all”

After the marriage with Victor Allen, Tiziano Ferro has decided to write a letter to the Corriere della Sera, in which she tells her story, starting from his adolescence up to the day he found love. The singer wanted to convey a message of hope and of rebellion against the inequality of rights that, still today, makes it a “disappointed and embittered and angry.”

The marriage of Tiziano Ferro by Victor Allen: the faiths with different dates and ties are identical

Tiziano Ferro has married Victor Allen for the second time. After the wedding in Los Angeles, last weekend, the two have uttered the fateful yes in Italy, showing off of the complete dark in contrast but with the same tie. Also the faiths are different, having engraved them with two different dates.

The last and Federica Lelli together again in Capri, here’s the photo

It will be an unforgettable summer for Last and Federica Lelli, back together after a period where they left off in their relationship. The weekly magazine “Chi” complete the indiscretion of last month by publishing the first photos depicting the couple together again in a romantic vacation on the boat, in the sea of Capri.

Tiziano Ferro on the marriage with Victor Allen: “I made him the proposal, we now want to of the children”

The singer tells of the wedding with your partner to Vanity Fair: here is how he and the american manager you are known and how was the marriage proposal. After the double ceremony (in Los Angeles and Sabaudia), the pair think about the possibility of becoming parents: “The entry of a person in your family deserves respect, we must remind ourselves of when we talk about rights”.