Vintage?! It's adorable! 🍒 “I was a dreamer before you went and let me down.”

Belen and Stefano, the new love nest is in the attic dream

The couple, now in stainless steel after the return of the flame, he decided to move into a large apartment in Milan

“Luigi Berlusconi soon dad: he and his girlfriend are expecting a son”

The indiscretion reported by the weekly 'People' refers to the first sweet waiting of the heir of the former premier, to which would be the 12th grandchild

Bar Rafaeli: “I Look for a little boy. DiCaprio? I don’t watch most of his movies”

The supermodel, the brazilian is already a mom to Elle and Liv, had from her husband, businessman Adi Ezra

Filippo Magnini reveals: “I have conquered Giorgia Palmas with a tiramisu”

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Theme party “Pamela Prati” for the daughter of Gwendolyn Tavassi, a showgirl and star of the party

Pamela Prati becomes the theme of the birthday party organized for the little Chloe, the daughter of Gwendolyn Tavassi. Surprise, your the showgirl arrived at the party as a guest star to take some pictures together with the little birthday girl. Set up for Chloe the room, the makeup and the angle selfie of the Meadows, with a series of photos of the showgirl. In spite of everything, the former star of the Building is certainly the character of the year.

The feast of the grandparents among the vips: the photos of celebrities and their grandchildren

The 2 October is the Feast of the grandparents and in the world of entertainment there is no shortage of characters to have experienced this joy already for some time. On the occasion of this holiday, here are some of the famous faces who have become grandparents in recent years, and does not hesitate to show love for their grandchildren also on the social.

Giovanni Ciacci: “I will Demonstrate my innocence, I have not stolen a dress to the Rai”

The stylist and television host, brings his version of the facts of an episode which would take place in 2013

Elisabetta Gregoraci and Francis Bettuzzi together again, relaxing holiday in Lampedusa

Elisabetta Gregoraci she would be back with the entrepreneur Francesco Bertuzzi. After the break between the two, which took place this summer when there were rumors about a return of the flame with her ex-husband Flavio Briatore, the showgirl was spotted again in the company of the administrator of Pure Herbal, happy on the coasts of Lampedusa and busy in the process of starting.