Vintage?! It's adorable! 🍒 “I was a dreamer before you went and let me down.”

Amber Lombardo criticized because it back to teach: “the Studio always, that there is this obscene?”

Amber Lombardo replication but to those who have openly criticised for not being back behind the chair after the experience at Big Brother. The professor of the reality tv show of Canale 5 has decided to play for his chance in the world of the show and to those who has not understood his choice, replica: “the Studio always and I do at the same time the model. That we find deplorable?”.

Francesca Fioretti in Jordan, with the Victory: “The port to be astonished discovering the world”

Francesca Fioretti flies in the Jordan accompanied by the small Victory, the girl born from the love with Davide Astori. “Traveling with children is not impossible, the limits we place them only us,” wrote the actress, who is slowly recovering his life with his little girl. And she's the one that is dedicated to honor the memory of the man she loved.

Angela need feeding confirms: “With Alessio Campoli is over, what struck me about him is vanished”

Angela need feeding and Alessio Campoli are left. Now it is official. The former tronista of Men and Women, intervened on the social explaining that she was never in love with the suitor. Also, once exited from the study, he would have lost the spontaneity and the characteristics that had struck.

Sara Tommasi shows the boyfriend of the Angel: “Often we fight, it is difficult to understand my past”

Sara Tommasi presents on the weekly Spy boyfriend Angel, his partner, future husband and father of the child she is carrying in her womb. The showgirl is output from the black period of his life, marked by a series of excesses that have removed. To help only meds and the support of the mother. And the fellow says: “Often we quarrel. For him, it is difficult to understand that my past choices”.

Angela need feeding, it would leave Alessio Campoli: “I don’t have to think” and sister Clare supports it

Clear need feeding, it would leave Alessio Campoli in less than a month from the choice to Men and Women. Match to Ibiza immediately after the yes, now is a Capri, without the boyfriend saw on tv. “He asked for a pause for reflection,” says the newspaper is being circulated on the web in the last hours, but she clarifies: “there is nothing on which to reflect.” And the sister Clear the supports.

Simona Ventura against the eviction of Morgan: “Always by your side, I love you”

The postponement of the eviction to Morgan breathe a temporary sigh of relief. Among the many characters who have shown solidarity against the artist Simona Ventura, colleague and now friend of Morgan, which is linked by a professional relationship-long course, which this year li has seen him return with The Voice.

Who is Cristian Cottarelli, boyfriend, goalkeeper of the Italian National Women’s Laura Giuliani

Between the ‘girls world’ there is Laura Giuliani goalkeeper of Juventus Women and of the Italian National Female. To the great satisfaction that the field is giving you, echoes of a love life is stable and fulfilling. For seven years, in fact, the sport that is playing in the women's World cup, is engaged with the connecting Cristian Cottarelli, who confides: “I call it, the little fish who lived in, she calls me sbirulo”.

Caterina Caselli, and the fight against cancer: “I have lived the evil in private, under the wig”

Caterina Caselli is told on the pages of ‘7’, magazine of Corriere della Sera. The record producer and former singer, he has retraced his luminous career. He trusted, then, to have lived a “long, difficult period”. The talent scout had been battling cancer: “The pain is not to be delegated, no one can take away”.