Vintage?! It's adorable! 🍒 “I was a dreamer before you went and let me down.”

Caterina Caselli, and the fight against cancer: “I have lived the evil in private, under the wig”

Caterina Caselli is told on the pages of ‘7’, magazine of Corriere della Sera. The record producer and former singer, he has retraced his luminous career. He trusted, then, to have lived a “long, difficult period”. The talent scout had been battling cancer: “The pain is not to be delegated, no one can take away”.

Ambra Angiolini and the dedication to Massimiliano Allegri: “Never loved anyone like you, your fish”

On the second anniversary of their love, Amber has surprised and Cheerful, with a dedication sweet, on a note left in the car. The romantic detail has not escaped the paparazzi to Whom: “You are my only love. I have never loved anyone like you”. The Angiolini is signed “your fish”.

Lory Del Santo: “Gennaro Lillio strategist, he and Francesca De André pointing to Temptation Island Vip”

In the past, linked by a brief report on the gieffino, Lory Del Santo talks about the history that the Big Brother is born between him and Francesca De André. And it's anything but tender: “She is taken by itself, I don't know if it will last. He was very clever to become a protagonist, has found the girl who most attracted attention”.

The lawyer Pamela Prati: “Never asked for a fee” damage compensation claim from 60 thousand euro

The lawyer Irene Della Rocca, legal Pamela Prati, responds through the Fanpage.it to statements made by Barbara D'urso to explain the absence of Pamela Prati in the latest installment of the Live – it is Not the D'urso. The host announced by the network, former showgirl of the Bagaglino, he decided impulsively to take no action on the bet, although he is in Milan already for several hours. The lawyer Of the Fortress explains the reasons for the forfeit, by denying that the transmission is never received a request for a fee.

Fabio Colloricchio still speaks bad of Nicole Mazzocato, she said, “A lawyer will solve everything”

Fabio Colloricchio, ex tronista of Men and Women, now a competitor of the Spanish reality show Supervivientes, back to speak badly of his ex Nicole Mazzocato. This time would have declared that she would betray him, but he would also forgiven. After this additional statement, rather unpleasant, the Mazzocato decides to get a lawyer.