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Barbara d’urso, the night of the fire in the ballroom with Marco Carta and Giovanni Ciacci (PHOTOS)

The presenter is immortalized in a local Milan, together with his opinion

Blue bow at home Coconuda born: Santiago, the son of Fabio and Marcella Esposito

Fabio Esposito, the owner of Coconuda, and Marcella Esposito have given birth to their first child together: “All in a photo. My Naples, my sea today too. Santiago. I, your mother and your brothers are waiting that you. Welcome puppy”. Is the third child for Fabio Esposito, who has already had Anthony and Joseph from a previous relationship.

Totti-Blasi, weekend in London-destructive: that sleep in the plane

The couple spent a few days in the capital of the United Kingdom in the company of friends

Rocio Munoz Morales mourns the death of the dog Pinchito: “my heart is infinitely sad,”

Rocio Munoz Morales has shared with fans a sad moment. Pinchito, the dog that was with for twelve years, is dead. The actress said that she was infinitely sad. However, trying to find solace in the wonderful memories that he shared with the puppy, who was always loved and pampered by the whole family.

Kristen Stewart’s betrayal of Robert Pattinson: “Only kisses, made me go for bike”

The actress is back to talk about the scandal of which he was the protagonist in 2012, when it was related to Patterson but was paparazzi with the film director Rupert Sanders. In reality, there would have been a real betrayal. On the other hand, Stewart was excluded from the film after those pictures: “Nonsense, they had to let me turn!”

Mara Venier, a follower of the enrages and she responds to tone

A comment I was under the photo with his nephew, Julius unleashes the reaction of the lady on Sunday

Thieves svaligiano la casa di Serena Grandi, she appeals to Salvini: “Here is the purpose of the bulldozers”

The thugs have ransacked the house and stole the genres of the parents of the actress, kept in the house

Francesca Manzini in tears is most True. “I suffered from anorexia and bulimia and I thought of an extreme gesture”

The seeker tells the story of the dark period of his life, and his difficult relationship with the parents. "For my father, I was always a failure"