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Ingrid Chauvin : the mourning of his daughter, he had an influence on its chances of adopting ?

This 4th of July, Ingrid Chauvin has entrusted to you in 50min Inside their difficulty to accept that she has not been able, with her husband, adopt a child in France, after years of attempts... A statement of auta...

Ingrid Chauvin (Tomorrow belongs to us) : her husband moved to tears on seeing her play a delivery

This 4th of July, the teams 50min Inside have revealed behind-the-scenes of the resumption of filming Tomorrow belongs to us, and especially a scene where Ingrid Chauvin must play a delivery....

Gianni Morandi testimonials of the holiday in Italy, the party on the 29th of June, without a destination: “To the South”

A vacation without a goal for Gianni Morandi with a series of “photo of Anna”, a signal of recognition now next to the registered trademark, documenting his journey towards the South. The singer calls those who follow him and discover the beauties of italy, by posting photos of the breathtaking views taken from Matera to Altamura. With him the inseparable companion, Anna, is always the author of the shots.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon disappointed : he takes it to another famous buyer of a bargain

A week after the announcement of his departure a done Deal, Pierre-Jean Chalençon denounces one of the buyers of the issue of auction of France 2, which had " drooled over [his] mouth "....

Once Stephen was the husband of Belén, now She is the wife of Stephen

The history of an overturning of the parts that is intertwined to the novel loving the most significant of the last decade. How it has changed the perception of the couple Belén Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino in the eyes of public, and the gossip, as well as tell us how the world of the show, able to tell us something of the life.

Scenes households : what becomes of Loup-Denis Elion, the former partner of Audrey Lamy ?

While the bonus Scenes of households entitled Finally on vacation is again broadcast on M6 on Saturday, July 4, Loup-Denis Elion went on to projects in theatre and television....

PHOTO Gad Elmaleh : his son Noah introduces his girlfriend on Instagram

It is away the little boy to his dad ! Today nineteen-year-old, Noah Elmaleh is a handsome young man in love. Recently, it is on his account Instagram that the son of Gad Elmaleh...

Belen stunning at the birthday party of Gianmaria Antinolfi: the video of the evening

While Stefano De Martino in spite of the gossip about the alleged history with Alessia Marcuzzi, the showgirl was celebrating a friend's birthday in a charming restaurant in Capri