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Manon Marsault (Marseille) announcing a bad news about her pregnancy

Pregnant of a little girl, Manon Marsault is expected to give birth in the month of September. But unexpected complications could happen to the baby earlier than expected, according to the confidences of the...

VIDEO Michael Youn released in full honeymoon, he tells his misadventure

Today crazy in love with Isabelle Funaro, Michael Youn has experienced a few setbacks-side the heart. Before you even say β€œyes” to one of his ex, the actor, 46-year-old flew with her to Tahiti for a...

Temptation Island, Ciavy and Valeria are back together

A photo on Instagram, shared by both, confirms the return of the flame

What’s going on between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian?

The reality star allegedly agreed to live separate from her husband. That, while she did return to Los Angeles with their four children, would have remained in Wyoming. The rapper wants to run for the Usa presidency, and the love between the two could be on its last legs

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi admitted to hospital : the daughter of prince Albert II of Monaco is suffering from coronavirus

It is a message bit reassuring that Jazmin Grace Grimaldi has posted on Instagram this Tuesday, August 18. The daughter of prince Albert II of Monaco was revealed to be hospitalized a result of coronavirus....

PHOTO Johanna Clermont : who is the huntress sexy, who is she ?

Tuesday, August 18, posters of Box 300, a streaming platform dedicated to hunting, were displayed in many cities of France. The face of the past is none other than Johann...

The Youtubeur French ExperimentBoy accused of corruption of a minor

The Youtubeur Baptist Mortar-Dumont is the subject of two complaints of corruption of a minor. Numerama has also collected the stories of many alleged victims. All have received messa...

Cuba Gooding jr. accused of rape by a woman, but there are more than 30 reports

The actor Cuba Gooding Jr has been accused of raping a woman twice in 2013, and the civil case against him began last Tuesday. In 2019, an arrest warrant for similar crimes, and would be more than thirty women who would come forward with similar allegations. The actor has always declared himself innocent.