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The photo of Lady Gaga with the new boyfriend, the love with Bradley Cooper was just stuff from Oscar

To the sadness of many fans, including Lady Gaga, and Bradley Cooper is not born of any love story. To destroy the dreams of glory, there she thought the american magazine People, which has published photos of the singer with his new flame, the 37-year-old Dan Hurton, which would work with the star already by 2018.

Lady Gaga has a new boyfriend (and it’s not Bradley Cooper)

The singer kisses a man during a brunch in Los Angeles. This is the monitor engineer Dan Horton, who is working with her since last November

Aurora public the number of mom Michelle, the Hunziker: “I had to change it after 25 years”

After a weekend of hell spent to avoid calls, messages, and photos, Michelle Hunziker has had to give in to the need of having to change their phone number. Following the prank involuntary, giocatole by her daughter Aurora Ramazzotti, which has a mistake and published his number on Instagram, the showgirl was ill-treated by his fans who have not left a moment of respite, as she herself tells it in a hilarious video.

Canine open-heart: “be in Love but not paid, he fails to address the what”

The judge of 'Dancing with the stars' has told with Pierluigi Diaco and 'You and I'

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are a couple

These photos of the kisses in Miami confirm the relationship between the two singers. Convict it must have been the video of "Señorita"

Paola Caruso along with Moreno, Merlo, single di Temptation Island, 2019

Finally closed the relationship with Francesco Caserta, by whom she had a son Michele, the showgirl show along with the handsome Moreno Merlo in what appears to be a lovely picture of a lovely family. Friendship or something more? He is one of the singles of the cast of Temptation Island 2019.

Temptation Island 2019, Maddalena Vasselli:”I and Nicola could not do without each other”

The temptress Maddelena Vessels, in an interview to the magazine of Men and Women, told the story of his relationship with Nicola Tedder, the boyfriend of Sabrina Montenegreo. Between the two would be born of an understanding strong, made of complicity, of similarities in temperament, looks with each other, come to a point that allowed them to stay separate.

Giulia De Lellis announces his book: it’s raining criticisms on the web, but there are those who defends it

The book of the influencers will be out in September but already on the web there are those who began to criticize. The former tronista Elga Enardu: "Congratulations Giulia, the top!"