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Happy birthday to Lorella Cuccarini: 55 years in the role of a blonde

Fifty-five years on the 10th of August and are healthy carriers of bionditudine in 50 shades: Lorella Cuccarini, including controversy, the social and the eternal rivalry with the enemy (beloved) Heather Parisi, is still the most loved by italians? From the side of the shop, in the summer of celeb all blondes, for us it is a yes

Summer Manicure 2020, enamels favorite according to the sign of the zodiac

Nails red fire of Aries to those of milk-white of the Fish. A tour of the twelve signs of the zodiac and their tastes in glazes

The birthday of Meghan truman gates (with the good wishes of the royal family) and other stories

From the 39 years of the duchess, the new photo of Louis of Cambridge, up, to the unusual wedding of Sean Penn, who at almost 60 years said "yes" via Zoom. All that, perhaps, you have lost

Tess Masazza: “Thanks Mom!”

When her mother said that it has a character unbearable Tess Masazza has staked everything on the irony. And he knew that the imperfections are a source of inspiration

Summer: is it correct to store cosmetics in the fridge?

The answer is not always yes, in some cases, the conservation of the fresco is counter-productive, while in others, it improves the performance of the products. Here is a brief guide

Bergamot, the scented which gives happiness and well-being

A small fruit, known as "the green gold of Calabria", is the basis of the high perfumery to ensure a "feel good" to each olfactory creation

Chiara Ferragni and her (pseudo)cellulite: the power of the photo without filters

A research has shown how the retouched images of Instagram impact negatively on the lives of women. That, to 70%, said they did not find any correspondence between the virtual models and the reality. As Chiara Ferragni, we should all learn to show us for what we are

Meghan Markle has 39 years : what prince Harry has planned for the anniversary of his wife

Tuesday 4 August, Meghan Markle celebrates its 39th anniversary. Installed in Los Angeles for several months, the mom of the little Archie will spend this day away from the royal family and the agitat...