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She married Paolo Capponi, the son of Mara Venier that has made her the grandmother of Claudio

We thought the same Mara Venier to give direct tv the good news: the wedding of the second son, of 2017 has made her the grandmother of the little Claudio. After difficult years, he found with him a good relationship, also thanks to the grandson. Paul is born from the relationship with Pier Paolo Capponi.

Alberto Mezzetti found love, the new girlfriend is the ex GF Brazil Elana Valenaria

Alberto Mezzetti has fallen in love with. The former contestant and eventual winner of Big Brother 2018 has found love again next to Elana Valenaria, junoesque former star of the brazilian edition of Big Brother. Mora and beautiful, Elana has a profile of Instagram that has over 2 million followers. You are known for about the incursion of Mezzetti at the GF Brazil.

Fabrizia De Andre attacks the Christian Malgioglio: “Should apologize for the words spoken to Francesca”

Fabrizia De Andre attacks Cristiano Malgioglio, almost a month since the last episode of the Gf: “I liked what he said to Francesca. Then, when my sister and I, we embrace during the final of Big Brother, I found distasteful the phrase ‘call a neurologist'”

Ivana Trump and Rossano Rubicondi are left again: “I’m single, but just weddings”

Ivana Trump and Rossano Rubicondi have populated the chronicles pink for a long time. After continuous pull, and the spring and a divorce behind, had decided to go back together, but apparently this love story has come to an end. As revealed on the magazine Page Six from Ivana Trump, the two after years of tormented love have decided to split up for the umpteenth time, that seems definitive.

Emma Stone falls to the concert of the Spice Girls and breaks a shoulder, suspended the filming of “Cruella”

The Spice Girls are without a doubt the band to the female who has won the most fans in the world. Among the followers of the five girls of the pop music years 90, there is the talented actress Emma Stone. At the last stage of the tour, held at Wembley, the protagonist of The Land taken by the euphoria that fell from the shoulders of a friend, breaking a shoulder and compromising the filming of Cruella, the prequel of “The 101 dalmatians” which is the protagonist.

William of England: “I would Not have problems if my children were gay, but I am afraid of the pressure”

The prince heir to the british throne opens on the topic of homosexuality, saying he was ready to accept a future coming out of George, Charlotte and Louis. His fear is another: “I am Afraid of the pressure, having regard in particular to the roles my children play. I and Kate Middleton we talked about it a lot.”

Giovanna Civitillo announces: “I and Amadeus we get married, finally coroniamo our dream”

Amadeus and Giovanna Civitillo are the emblem of love born under the spotlight of the tv. Together for almost 17 years, married civilly from 10 and parents of a child named José, the two have finally decided to crown their love by marrying in the church. To reveal it is Giovanna Civitillo in an interview with the weekly Today.

Belen Rodriguez pregnant with a little girl? Stefano De Martino denies it, but adds: “Works in progress”

Now weeks revelling in the gossip on a second child coming for the couple Belen/De Martino: it's rumored that the showgirl would be pregnant with a little sister on the way to Santiago. What is true? Nothing, according to what it says finally the conductor and the dancer, who, however, confirms the intention of having a baby: “we are working on.”