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Giulia De Lellis: “I and Andrea we’re great, we’re in a good relationship”

After the news circulated on newspapers, gossip, Giulia De Lellis clarifies that its position in relation to the relationship with Andrea Damante is absolutely quiet. As he explained in an Instagram Stories a few hours ago, while engaged in a shooting set: “Me and Lady, we have very good relationships, very good, he is good, and not happened nothing of all those things that they write”.

Andrea Damante suffers from Giulia De Lellis: the reaction after the story with Andrea Iannone

Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Iannone are not officially engaged, but are dating and are in the process of courtship to the extreme. According to the latest gossip, Andrea Damante would have learned with great surprise of the turn-up sentimental of his former partner, despite being aware of the fact that life must go on.

Francesco Monte: “I Hate and threats because I left Giulia Salemi. Thanks to gossip? False,”

Harshly attacked for his decision to leave Giulia Salemi after a few months, the former tronista responds to hater with a torrential outburst on Instagram: “you are Not ashamed? On social, you create films, but we are not actors”. And to anyone who accuses him of working only through the gossip, replica: “I don't have to say thanks to anyone”.

Kikò Nalli and Amber Lombardo on the critique of Christian Malgioglio: “our true love”

One of the mating game in a tormented state to Kikò Nalli and Amber Lombardo. The ex-husband of Tina Cipollati, and the professor, the sicilian not have been able to deepen their relationship within the walls of Cinecittà, because they were separated too soon, but have decided to believe in this feeling, waiting for the end of reality to be able to stay together. Yet there have been criticisms and some comments poisonous.

The irony of Alena Seredova on Ilaria D’amico, Alfonso Signorini: “That sense of humor”

The director of “Chi” has published a photo that sees Alena Seredova smile in front of the brand specialized in canned food, in reference to Ilaria D'amico, a historic rival in love of the model and because of the rupture with Gianluigi Buffon: “my Congratulations to you for your sense of humor”.

“Shot!”, Meghan truman gates scolding by Harry during the birthday of Queen Elizabeth

The Royal Family has to follow the rules very precise and sometimes quite strict. For a newbie like Meghan truman gates, each event represents a test in which to demonstrate they have learned the dictates of his new family. But this year, during the Trooping The Colour, celebrating the Queen's birthday, something must have gone wrong, so much so that prince Harry has had to scold his wife.

“Lady Gaga furious with a fan who asks Bradley Cooper”: the truth about the outburst of the singer

“Be kind or go affan,**the”: this phrase from Lady Gaga during a concert in Las Vegas, is making to discuss. The news according to which the artist would have uttered those words in response to a fan that he would ask, ‘Where is Bradley Cooper?’. Things, however, would not go exactly like that.

Martina Nasoni has won the Big Brother 2019

Martina Nasoni is the winner of Big Brother 2019. The sixteenth edition of the reality show hosted by Barbara D'urso closes with a bang, because it has been a year full of success and is made from the usual controversies, and won in the end by a positive character like that of Martina, aka “The girl with the heart of tin”.