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Martina Nasoni clarifies: “there was never anything between me and Irama, however, I’d like to see him again”

Martina Nasoni, it is told on the pages of the weekly ‘Spy’. The winner of ‘Big Brother 2019’ spoke of the relationship with Irama. The singer, in fact, he wrote the song ‘The girl with the heart of tin’, inspired by her. In addition, Martina has told you how things are going with Daniel From the Moro.

Roberta Giarrusso has married Riccardo Di Pasquale, at the ceremony attended by over 200 guests

Roberta Giarrusso has married Riccardo Di Pasquale. The actress and former contestant of ‘the Beijing Express’ and the entrepreneur already have a little girl, little Giulia was born in 2017. The romantic wedding ceremony, celebrated at the castle of Tor Crescenza, there were over 200 guests including several familiar faces.

Angela need feeding: “With Alessio Campoli are on good terms, I did not need to visibility”

Angela need feeding to defend himself and still denies to have taken around Alessio Campoli. “We are still on good terms,” he says about the guy's chosen Men and Women. And to whom the accusation of having accepted the throne only for visibility's reply: “I'm Not interested in doing business, I do not need visibility.”

David Coppi has a face: the hunt for the identity of the fake boyfriend of Sara Varone and Alfonso Signorini

Lorenzo David Coppi, the fake doctor, whose false identity would have been used to tease Sara Varone and Alfonso Signorini, has a face. The weekly magazine Chi has published photos of the man that was being sold for the non-existent cousin Simone Coppi years before the explosion of the “case of Mark Caltagirone”. We still do not know his identity.

Irama uncovered with Victoria Star Doritou, the new girlfriend confirms: “My dark prince”

Irama is in love. The lucky is the model Victoria Star Doritou that you post on Instagram one of the very first photos of the couple. The artist and former boyfriend of julia De Lellis has accompanied the companion in a parade and then to the concert of Ed Sheeran. On social, you confirm that the ongoing love and, after posting a picture of the singer, writes: “My dark prince”.

Angela need feeding leaves Alessio Campoli, Mario Serpa the gela: “All planned, now its brand will fly”

Angela need feeding has already left Alessio Campoli, a few days after his choice to Men and Women. While she claims to have followed his feelings, and has closed not to bring forth a fictional story, think of the opposite of the columnist and former suitor Mario Serpa, who has no doubt define his choice a matter of business, “Ridicolandia”.

Patrick Baldassari, former Valeria Marini, loves the 25-year-old Ilaria Di Bari and will become a grandfather

What happened to Patrick Baldassari, who also took part in Temptation Island, Vip-Valeria Marini? Stored of all the love story (but not friendship) with the showgirl, at the moment it is tied up for months with the showgirls and models romagna Ilaria. And will soon be a grandfather: daughter Moon, the companion of a well-known footballer, is pregnant.

Clear need feeding defends sister Angela: “not Even Alessio Campoli was so interested in her”

Clear need feeding intervenes on Instagram to defend her sister, Angela, were targeted after being accused of having the fake for the duration of his throne Men and Women, to leave Alessio Campoli a few days after the choice. The influencer divides the faults in half, trying to spend good words for the younger sister: “not Even Alexis felt all this interest”.