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Angela need feeding defollowata in the mass, triggered the same mechanism which was with Sara Affi Fella

The break-up with Alessio Campoli a few days after the choice of Men and Women is likely to cost you dear Angela need feeding. Is the party against the influencers and the former tronista, the defollow mass on Instagram. His account, which yesterday numbered 812 thousand followers, has lost about 16 thousand users and fans in a few hours and the trend remains down. It triggered against her the same mechanism became known with Sara Affi Fella.

Pierluigi Gollini and Silvia See to it you are left, him you will enjoy the sun of Sardinia

The reaction of Pierluigi Gollini to the release of Silvia See for now is the silence. One of those, that makes a lot of noise: the match of Atalanta you can enjoy the sun of Sardinia. Is on vacation at the Island of Budelli, one of the most exclusive of the archipelago de La Maddalena, in the extreme north of the island.

Raffaella Fico: “Bushels I left I, I want a man that makes me feel like a woman in bed”

“One Day a Sheep”, the radio broadcast of Rai Radio1 conducted by Geppi Cucciari and Giorgio Lauro, Raffaella Fico, she is told, without reserve, on this love affair, and the relations of the past. The statements most itchy are those related to the relationship with Alessandro Moggi: “it Is part of the past, and I don't want to talk about it, but I can tell you that next to me I need a man”.

Harassment in Hollywood, Bryan Singer pays an agreement from 150 thousand dollars

The director of X-Men, Bryan Singer, accused of harassment by young Cesar Sanchez-Guzman, 2014, and denounced by the same in 2017, would have reached an agreement to close the case. Will have to pay 150 thousand dollars for the case, that is currently stored for the detriment, can be said to be permanently closed. But it would not be the first time that the director are facing charges of this type.

Giulia De Lellis: “I and Andrea we’re great, we’re in a good relationship”

After the news circulated on newspapers, gossip, Giulia De Lellis clarifies that its position in relation to the relationship with Andrea Damante is absolutely quiet. As he explained in an Instagram Stories a few hours ago, while engaged in a shooting set: “Me and Lady, we have very good relationships, very good, he is good, and not happened nothing of all those things that they write”.

Andrea Damante suffers from Giulia De Lellis: the reaction after the story with Andrea Iannone

Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Iannone are not officially engaged, but are dating and are in the process of courtship to the extreme. According to the latest gossip, Andrea Damante would have learned with great surprise of the turn-up sentimental of his former partner, despite being aware of the fact that life must go on.

Francesco Monte: “I Hate and threats because I left Giulia Salemi. Thanks to gossip? False,”

Harshly attacked for his decision to leave Giulia Salemi after a few months, the former tronista responds to hater with a torrential outburst on Instagram: “you are Not ashamed? On social, you create films, but we are not actors”. And to anyone who accuses him of working only through the gossip, replica: “I don't have to say thanks to anyone”.

Kikò Nalli and Amber Lombardo on the critique of Christian Malgioglio: “our true love”

One of the mating game in a tormented state to Kikò Nalli and Amber Lombardo. The ex-husband of Tina Cipollati, and the professor, the sicilian not have been able to deepen their relationship within the walls of Cinecittà, because they were separated too soon, but have decided to believe in this feeling, waiting for the end of reality to be able to stay together. Yet there have been criticisms and some comments poisonous.