Aya Nakamura : this nickname that she hates that it gives him

Aya Nakamura was the guest of Camille Combal to the new issuance Plan C on TF1. The idea ? A trip by car which gives time to the singer to talk to the presenter. And surprise, she admits to hating the nickname that his fans love to give him !

For the issuance Plan C broadcast on TF1 from 23: 30, Camille Combal was able to spend time in the sides of Aya Nakamura. By car, the presenter of Mask Singer and the singer of hits like Djadja or Pookie have been able, in this intimate atmosphere, speaking with an open heart. We learn, as well as the singer of 24 years old… does not have the driving license ! When she got back in the car, the mom of the little Aisha has even forgotten to put on his seat belt. Camille Combal do not miss one and pointed him out, and of course, the star immediately apologised “ I’m not used to this “. And presenter and star of 38 years of swing : “Oh no you ain’t got the permit “. More amused than offended, the beautiful, responds to the tac the tac by a beautiful ” I love you, em**”. In short, the atmosphere is laid between the two celebrities and the walk promises to be very entertaining.

“There’s no way…”

Camille Combal is a fan of Aya Nakamura. Such a fan that the term ” Djadja “, used in the song of the same name, is returned in the current language of its torque ! He told the young singer that even his dear and tender uses the word ” djadja “, especially when he wants to watch the football, and that it does not agree. She replied, ” there is no way djadja “. Far from making fun of the star, Aya confesses to the presenter that she did not like that it was nicknamed Djadja : ” I venerate when they call me like that ! I call me Aya ! “. At least one is warned, and to his fans too ! They will not make the same mistake twice…