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Baby Carseat: Maria Isabel proud of her baby’s seat!

Maria Isabel and her Daughter’s Car Seat

Maria Isabel has boasted about her new car seat, where she takes her daughter Daliana. The singer joins the list of famous moms who promote a baby stroller on social media, of which she has told all its merits. Maria Isabel, who has been enjoying her role as a mother for 4 months, shows the latest accessory that she and her partner, Jesus Marchena, use to transport their baby, “Beauties, I always show everything I use with the baby, especially when I make sure it’s a good product …“, she wrote.

Features of the Car Seat

“We are delighted with it! One of the things I liked the most was that it turns, which makes it super easy and fast to place the baby,” the singer explained. But what seat does Maria Isabel use to take Daliana on a trip? The singer of ‘Antes muerta que sencilla’ has a TODL Next from a certain brand, an accessory with which the girl can travel up to 4 years old. The seat has an energy absorption foam that reduces the force of a possible impact, as well as a side safety panel for greater protection.

Price and Verdict

The price, 420 euros. What do you think?



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