Barbara d’urso complaint Naike Rivelli, Ornella Muti: “I can’t believe it, and she would be a friend?”

“The children do not touch”, to Barbara d’urso is a mantra and following the same principle, Ornella Muti takes the field to defend with their teeth, his daughter, denounced by the leader. Naike Rivelli, in fact, has taken a defamation lawsuit and says shocked on Instagram: “One time I called to make the columnist and now I have a complaint. I too have an opinion and it is that the columnist can only do it in the living room of Mediaset, you can even do it online. I was told that I tried to exploit the name of Barbara d’urso for me advertising. If I were to use a name for me to advertising, I could use the name of my mother, Ornella Muti, known all over the world, not the name of the queen of trash. I don’t exploit anyone to make me advertising, I don’t need it”.

Incredulous Ornella Muti: “‘Woe to him who touches me and the children’ and then she touches my? – asks in the video posted by Naike – And would be a friend? He speaks of all and one can not speak of her? Barbara, I can’t believe you did this. A mom that complaint, but then a mommy friend. If you do this we are not as friends as you say”.

Naike Rivelli, then, post another video in which imitates Barbara d Urso – with much of the soundtrack of ‘Live’ – and then blurts out: “Dear Barbara, in your transmission you have come for people of every kind, in every mood. I remember it well, Francesco Nuti, and I don’t want to remember his conditions. Have you done audience on this one, you spoke of emotions, of despair and of doubt, have you done ads on television, creating a mega gossip, weddings are not true, but not by the merits. Who does it expect it. Vilify means to say untrue things about a person, in the transmission of Barbara d’urso are established regularly then these things must be verified. From d’urso you can say it all, but in the living rooms of your own home and you can’t say anything and this makes me very afraid”. Naike back on the lawsuit: “A criminal investigation for two things: first, it seems that I have tried to make use of his name, what’s amazing to me. The second thing that came to me was to have it defamed. It seems that you talk to when in a post I wrote that according to rumors would have had a lover to Mediaset. They are rumors. It came Sgarbi in your transmission, and has said that you are recommended, even these are rumors, but one is free to express themselves and to say that he heard a thing. It is not defamation. I have not said that is so, maybe you have the straw tail?”.

There should be a light Rivelli, who finally says: “Whoever puts into play emotions, and the life of everyone in the audience, can’t take it when it is put in the midst of her, they should face it openly. A true journalist gets in the game, talk about it openly, did not send the letters with the police. I have made the humor on Barbara d’urso and there she is, she took me very seriously. That’s fine, we’ll see. If someone had the right to do a cease and desist to someone would be me and my mother. Our material has been used and exploited in the past years in the transmission of Barbara d’urso, regularly, until I put an end. Instead, that is ironic, while he was praying for us from his pulpit he sent the letters of formal notice of criminal to me. Santa d’urso, not doing so”.

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Let’s immediately clarify the issue Barbara. After that we did not add another. We also have us, the lawyers who deal with these things! #naikerivelli #ornellamuti @ornellamuti @ilmessaggero.en @podcast.en @ilfattoquotidianoit @tg1_rai_official @tgcom24 @skytg24 @qui_mediaset @dagocafonal

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A post shared by Naike Rivelli (@naikerivelli) date: 30 Jun 2020 at 2:12 pm PDT