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Barbara D’Urso: Lights & Shadows of the Host Who Rarely Speaks of Herself

Barbara D’Urso’s Career

If there is one thing that Barbara D’Urso has managed to do in recent years, it is to enter the hearts of viewers by revealing as little as possible about herself. Unlike her colleagues who have never had any problem in telling the highs and lows of their lives, Barbara, or rather Maria Carmela, has exercised almost obsessive control over what newspapers have asked her or not, choosing to carve out for herself the role of the diva who does not bow down and who chooses to give herself the right amount, without exaggeration. She has spoken very little about the disappearance of her mother, which happened when she was just eleven years old, choosing to show only her best side in front of the camera: that of Barbara D’Urso framed by the thousand-watt spotlights, capable of putting in order the unruly guests but also of keeping the threads of programs that, often for three consecutive hours, went on talking about nothing.

Barbara’s Successful Projects

In her long career and, above all, in the 15 years spent at Pomeriggio Cinque, Barbara has managed to build real shows without a dignified budget, but still capable of catalyzing the attention of the average viewer, curious to understand how far she could push herself. Loved by the public, with whom she has always boasted of ironing, and opposed by a certain press which has never forgiven her certain outbursts and certain falls of style – such as the famous Padre Nostro recited live together with Matteo Salvini with hands joined -, Barbara D’Urso has gone on until the end, grinding an impressive number of hours of direct and one program after another, some more successful than others. The Sunday experiment of Live – Non è la D’Urso, for example, managed to offer an alternative to the armored fiction of Rai1, attracting on Canale 5 an attention that, for better or worse, had not been obtained for a long time, and the merit of this was undoubtedly hers, Barbara D’Urso, whose greatest sin continues to be not having ever retreated, raising the bar ever higher.

Barbara’s New Projects

When, for example, the wind began to change and the proposal to host La pupa e il secchione on Italia 1 came, it would have been useful to take a step back and try to reinvent herself in a new guise, but Barbara did not do this. She chose to bring her world to another network without having the courage to dare, with the result of a hearing below expectations and the return to her original location until the news of her exit from Pomeriggio Cinque and new possible projects until the expiration of her contract in December.



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