Beatrice Valli: “A major health problem for Blue, I prefer to solve it immediately”

A small health problem for Blue. The small, born ten days ago by the love between Beatrice Valli, and Marco Fantini, has a complication to the language, which could be resolved in the next few weeks. “Many of the children are born with this problem, and is cut at birth because they can’t attach well at the breast. My sticks well and is growing – explained the former tronista during an interview – surrender in certain cases, that even if it is not too short, and has problems to speak later”.

Beatrice Valli: “Nothing serious, but I prefer to do it now”

Nothing serious, so, however, new parents prefer to remove the problem immediately, for the avoidance of doubt and any complications related to therapy. “We will wait another week and see how it goes,” he added, during the interview with the magazine Who – and that would be the case to cut it precisely to avoid these little troubles, which are small, however, stand behind the speech and look good if you are talking about, I prefer to do it immediately. However, it is not a serious problem”. The two seem to be in complete agreement on what to do. She is the third child for Mark, the second time from dad: together, in fact, have had White, was born two years ago, but in the house with them there is also the small Alessandro, 7, had from Beatrice, from a previous relationship with Nicolas Bovi, american.

But it does not end here. Because Valli has said that he would like a fourth child, and she dreams of another boy. “I have been criticized a lot – he confiato – I became a mom at 17 years old, and the criticism was six pregnant at a very young age, but who do you think you are, you came here to do what, with a little child you are with your son. All criticism pretty useless because in the end, I proved to all through social who I was and who they really are.” Thanks to social Beatrice was able to get to know better: “they helped Me a lot to get people to understand what I was and what I wanted to show it. Not because I have participated in a program to get to know a person then I was not responsible”.

On the 29th of may, Beatrice and Marco will celebrate six years of love from the day of choice to Men and Women. “When you participate in these programs is always a point of question, but do you understand that once you exit from the programs. I have to say that we were respected from the start that is the main thing. And there really was something strong between us, otherwise we would not have resisted for a long time. You know it’s good when you exit. Experience the program with so many emotions, but once that exit is not so, there’s you and him and just. Or you are or you’re not”. And they are found, so as to become one of the families most beautiful in the world of the show.

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I am ready for the 4😆💪🏻 @marcofantini_mf I Would like it to remain so for ever, even for you this is so? Also because after a few months you forget what they were small🥰!!

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1 week from birth 💪🏻 #azzurrafantini @marcofantini_mf

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