Beautiful, rebellious, very rock’n’roll: best wishes for Kristen Stewart

With those eyes, the emerald green of the hole screen and that rebellious personality and intrinsically sexy, Kristen Stewart has a beauty that you will not forget. Born in Los Angeles on 9 April of ’90, the actress became famous with the saga of “Twilight” together with ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson, but light years away from that kind of film – is known to be a workaholic on the job and a free spirit in his private life. He hates the labels (starting from those of gender and sex), and also the face of beauty look, it features beautiful as a muse of the contemporary maison Chanel, we have become accustomed over the years to make-up bold, new hairstyle, a little bit grunge, a bit rock’n’rolloutfit now super feminine, now openly declared in the mood Tomboy.

On the occasion of his 30th birthday, we collected some of her beauty secrets. Of course, don’t expect anything too ordinary.

In an interview to the magazine “Byrdie”, Kristen Stewart told to moisturize a lot and his skin. Force to wear makeup (for the needs of the script and to attend the various events), “the skin is dry and cracked a lot,” he said. That’s why in his case there is never a shortage moisturizing products. It seems that her favorite brands are Dermalogica and Dr. Hauschka.

Needless to say that one of the strengths of Kristen Stewart are the eyes: intense, magnetic, a shade of transparent green. As reported in “Harper’s Bazaar”, among the favorite tricks from the actress, there is the black eyeliner. “I feel naked without a stroke of eyeliner“. For the rest, Stewart is a fan of the makeup is mineral-based, which is ideal for a skin like his, with a tendency to dry out easily.

Always in the interview to “Harper’s Bazaar”, the actress has clearly expressed its position on the issue ritocchini by the plastic surgeon: “I will never do it,” he said. “It scares me just the idea to transform myself. It may appear to an exit arrogant, but I don’t want to change anything of me. Honestly, I think women begin to make up replacements a kind of madness and compulsion”.

We have said that Kristen Stewart is uncomfortable with the rules. Could possibly be one of those stars perpetually on a diet? No, of course not! As reported by the magazine “Healthy Celeb”, the actress loves good food. Given that his work requires it (willingly or unwillingly) to stay in shape, he has found a sort of compromise bringing to the table many protein foods and a few sweets. Ah, and has a weakness for mexican food, super spicy and definitely not dietetic, and as a good californian goes crazy for smoothies and extracts, from the sip while strolling in his L. A.

Front hair, Kristen Stewart said goodbye to her long tresses smooth and castana (remember in the role of Bella in “Twillight”?). For years the actress has opted for a cut boyish radical, which often changes its shape from a shavings – full pixie cut with swoop. And she likes to experiment with the colors, even if it is faithful to the platinum blonde. The finishing touch is? Roots dark, contrast, effect, grunge, lived-in and sexy.

In the gallery: the beauty look of yesterday and today that the more we loved Kristen Stewart. And the beauty products to recreate her look.