Bebe Vio Graduates: New Title to Adorn the Shelf


Bebe Vio, unstoppable.

The unstoppable Bebe Vio has just graduated in Communication and International Relations from the John Cabot University in Rome. Despite a low blow of her thesis being stolen at the end of April, the spirited Venetian fencer was not deterred and rewrote everything in record time. On social media, Bebe Vio shared a photo of the emotional moment when she was embracing her mother Teresa and father Ruggiero in the university garden. Followed by a series of shots in which she celebrated with a friend who had just graduated.

Bebe Vio expressed her joy with a post which highlighted all the hard work she put in to get to this point. “For all the nights before the exams. For all the ‘accept even an 18’. For all the ‘this time I don’t know anything’. For all the study groups in the classroom, library, home and bar. For all the questions that weren’t in the books. For all the spritz post exam. For all the wonderful people who have indelibly marked the best years of my life. For all these reasons it was a wonderful journey. And tonight it’s time to celebrate in a big way with the people who have been close to me in these 5 years,” wrote Bebe Vio.

This content was viewed on the site it originated from and brought many congratulations and well wishes from the followers, many of them famous. From Jovanotti to Emma Marrone, from Filippo Magnini to Claudio Marchisio, Bebe Vio has been praised for her success. Unstoppable Bebe Vio.


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