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That between Belen Rodriguez and Barbara d’urso relationships were anything other than lying down, is a known thing for a long time. But, if their antipathy is not clear to all, yesterday we thought the showgirl argentina to launch a new attack on the presenter neapolitan. He did it during a live shared on Instagram, letting himself go to a reference in the complexion, in respect of broadcasts conducted by Barbara on Channel 5.

Belen against d’urso

To the fans who have asked Belen if in tv the beauty still counts, the model has answered in no uncertain terms: “we Say that it is a show, and then even the ‘non-beauty’ could make the show. In fact, there are some programs, such as those of Barbara d’urso, for example, that are a bit circus-like type. Where it comes from, man cat, man deturbato from chiurgia plasrica, the woman who has rebuilt the seats, all things circus, las vegas. Then the beauty is spectacular.”

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The previous

Already in the past, the two had engaged openly barbs. And’ well-known fact that Belen avoid going a guest in the programs conducted by Barbara, involving in this choice also by brothers Gustavo and Cecilia. “I am a 22 percent share of the Rodriguez brothers,” he thundered one day Barbara in the full of direct, without the use of filters in his resentment. “You know what I say to Santiago when he cries at night? Not comes the black man, but ‘if you behave badly, I call the d’urso’ and he hushes immediately,” she said Belu time ago. It is a mystery, however, about the reasons that led the two to live in a relationship so tense.

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