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Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino are back from time to be a couple close-knit, solid, far-off from the friction that for three years following the decision to end their marriage. The love story between the most talked about couples in recent times the same showgirl argentina has spoken in the course a live feed of Instagram on the social profile of the weekly magazine Chi, the occasion to retrace its beginnings, and reveal some of the insecurity that accompanied the birth of the feeling for the husband, then tied to the singer Emma Brown.

Belen: “When I have girlfriend with Stefano I pasted Emma”

Answering the question about curious physical resemblance between his ex, Belen Rodriguez has admitted to look at Emma Brown, the former historic Stefano De Martino, with a certain admiration, to the point that they imitate her in singing ability, consecrated in talent ‘Friends’.

“When I are betrothed to Stefano, he was with Emma and I with Fabrizio. Then it happened what happened. We get together and I sang at home, because he had next a singer talented and I sang why I said that there is strong, I was beautiful but I wanted to be good in that field. And I pasted. When you fall in love need to emulate her ex,” he confided to the model, revealing weak points, but also the predisposition to be a leader had since she was a child, the quality found in the same life partner.

Belen and the relationship with Stefano

Today the harmony between Belen and Stefano , is under the eyes of all those who follow their lives through social media, but the return was not at all immune from the long reflections, especially for the sake of the son, Santiago.

“Often we used the time of the exchange of Santiago to make us of the talks and in the face of all of us to a lunch together,” he continued, in the course of the live Instagram: “When I was with him I was fine, then I got up to leave and the fears I ate the brain. I thought maybe if we drop the independence that I have acquired, and return employee from him the trouble if not then it’s fine. He is one tough, I know, keep in your head and it is not easy at all”.

A link now to the test of any difficulties, the one between Belen and Stefano, which does not at all exclude is further reinforced by a second son: “Santiago will not be alone,” the promise… The stork is advised, therefore,…

Belen has just said live with chimagazineit that when you put her with Stefano tried to copy Emma in song 😂😂😂

Then after years he admitted, finally, that when she went with Stephen, he was still with Emma, and she with the Crown

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