Belén Rodríguez Emma Marrone: Unexpected Photo Together


Unexpected Reunion

Who would have thought it? Emma Marrone embraced by Bélen Rodriguez, complicit and amused like two old friends. The Salentina singer posted on her Instagram profile two selfies with the Argentine TV presenter. “I’m unlocking a memory. Together with the super @belenrodriguezreal ❤️”, Emma Marrone wrote as a comment to the two photos shared on social media.

The History Behind the Photos

Why all the fuss about these images? As you certainly remember, in 2012 Emma was the official girlfriend of Stefano De Martino. The two met in the Mediaset studio of Amici. Then, in the 2012 edition of the program, Bélen was chosen by Maria De Filippi as a special dancer, alongside Stefano De Martino. The love between the two struck like this, to the rhythm of dance. That year he betrayed Emma Marrone, then leaving her for the attractive Argentine showgirl, now mother of his son Santiago. It was Maria De Filippi who revealed Stefano De Martino’s betrayal to his then-girlfriend Emma, since the dancer was hesitating and could not make up his mind.

A Heartwarming Reception

And now the photo of Emma and Bélen, serene side by side. After a few minutes of the publication of the two photos, Emma was flooded with compliments from her followers. Such as: “Emma, you were, are and will always be a LADY !!!”; “There is me who have not accepted it yet and I am angry black and then there is Emma”; “It is nice to see people mature and go beyond differences, congratulations”.


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