Belen Rodriguez pungent on Instagram, message in code for De Martino?

The flirt with Gianmaria Antinolfi seems to be the classic “nail crush nail” to Belen Rodriguez, who has taken refuge in the arms of the neapolitan entrepreneur a little over a month after breaking up with Stefano De Martino. And seems to have worked, given that there are always less posts that are nostalgic about the social profile of the showgirl. Indeed, among the last stories it appears the page of a book that sounds like a definitive point, ready to turn definitively the page.

“I’m not thinking of anything, just that beautiful – it is said – do Not think of anything is to have the soul of its own and as a whole. Think of anything is to live intimately the ebb and flow of life. I am not thinking of anything. Only, as if I were leaning bad: a pain in the behind, or to one side, there is a bitter taste in my soul. And’ that in the end, I am not thinking of nothing, but really nothing, nothing”.

So, for those who still had not understood, Belen is not thinking of nothing, but you will enjoy this new summer single. The showgirl, who until a few days ago she was in Ibiza with friends, now is in Amalfi with her sister Cecilia and Santiago – who has spent a few day in a boat with Stefano De Martino – on, and appears very peaceful. The storm, plan, plan, is passing.

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