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Benjamin Castaldi shocks family with TPMP confessions.

Confessions on the Set of Touche Pas à Mon Poste

It is known that nothing is ever kept secret on the set of Touche pas à mon poste. Even when they think they are quiet during commercial breaks, the commentators are closely watched. At the beginning of the show, “the indic’ of the redac” is in charge of revealing what they do when they forget to be filmed. And Thursday, June 1st, it was Benjamin Castaldi who was singled out. Indeed, while he was discussing “cousinades” with Valérie Bénaïm and Sophie Coste, he made an unexpected and somewhat shocking confession. “I ken my cousin,” he said without embarrassment. “We messed around,” he continued, before adding: “She touched my bistouquette.” “But what kind of families are these!” exclaimed Valérie Benaïm, stunned by what she had just heard.

Sophie Coste Also Admits to Having “Kened” Her Cousin

In this magnéto, Benjamin Castaldi is not the only one to have confided that he had gotten close to a member of his family. Sophie Coste also admitted to having “ken her cousin”. “Not related,” she quickly added. After watching these images, the commentator explained herself: “It’s not my first cousin but when you’re kids, you sleep in the same room, the parents put us in the same room, well it happens… And I didn’t say I picked him up, but we messed around”. “But what kind of families are these?” exclaimed Gilles Verdez. They’re sick! Everyone has calmed down since these strange first loves.

Benjamin Castaldi and Sophie Coste’s Love Lives

Benjamin Castaldi is in love with his wife Aurore Aleman, with whom he welcomed the little Gabriel in 2020. Previously, he had three other boys, born of three different women: Julien (27 years old) and Simon (21 years old), from his union with Valérie Sapienza and Enzo (18 years old) from his love affair with the presenter Flavie Flament. On her side, Sophie Coste is also the mother of three boys but we know nothing of her love life, except that she had an affair with… Denis Brogniart.



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