Benjamin Griveaux : how the campaign of the municipal has made his family ?

Benjamin Griveaux, engaged in the race for mayor of Paris, announced this Friday, February 14, the withdrawal of his candidature after the broadcast on the social networks of videos that are not authenticated to be of a pornographic nature that is the concern. The shot too.

It is finished for Benjamin Griveaux. In the midst of the campaign for the next municipal elections of Paris, the policy of 42 years has been cut in full momentum. In the night from 13 to 14 February, videos compromising have made the rounds of social networks. Also have sent messages naughty to a young woman, the husband of Julia Minkowski, is also said to be filmed masturbating. Images that, if they are not authenticated, are harming the reputation of the candidate for mayor of Paris. A few hours after the broadcast, Benjamin Griveaux speaking for the first time, announcing the passage of his withdrawal from the race of the municipal : “I decided to withdraw my candidacy to the municipal election in paris. This decision cost me a lot but my priorities are very clear, this is first and foremost my family you’ll understand, and then this is the project to Paris, the one that we have built and for which we are much beaten. This project, today, he will be better off without me.”

His family in the heart of the attacks

Without say if it was him on the videos of a pornographic nature, Benjamin Griveaux has, in the same speech, deplored the violent attacks to which he and his family have been victims since the beginning of his campaign. An ordeal to which it has, after this latest attack, preferred to put an end to : “In announcing my candidacy for mayor of Paris, I knew the hardness of political life. For more than a year, my family and I have been subjected to defamatory remarks, lies, anonymous attacks, the revelation of private conversations stolen and death threats, he said. This torrent of mud affected me but it especially hurts those that I love. As if that wasn’t enough, yesterday, a new stage has been reached. A website and social networks reported attacks vile involving my private life. My family does not deserve this, no one at the bottom should never suffer such violence “.