Benjamin Griveaux : the ex-candidate for mayor of Paris reacts to the first time to the scandal

Benjamin Griveaux, the candidate LRM for the town hall of Paris, is suspected of having sent pictures of his erect penis to a woman with whom he chatted by sms. The policy has withdrawn his candidacy and spoke for the first time.

That happened on Thursday 13 February ? Videos attributed to Benjamin Griveaux have been disseminated on the social networks in the evening. They show the sex of a man erection by masturbating. If the identity of the recipient is not known, it would be a woman with whom the person concerned would have at least exchanged pictures naughty. “You want me to feints your video yesterday ?… What a chest ! “is it written below a video received at 0h20.

On another screenshot, we can see exchanges between this man introduced himself as Benjamin Griveaux and a young woman he vouvoie. He inquired as to whether it is a party “in the family” or if it is ” not yet a prisoner of [her] child / [his / her] husband “. “No, I’m too young. I am free […] Finally, not too young, ” him she answered, before he followed through with promises. Impossible, however, to know if it is or not be the same person, or even when dating these exchanges.

An ex-member of parliament LaREM relays these videos on the social networks

Joachim Sound-Forget, ex-member of parliament of The Republic in market in the constituency of French, established in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, has largely participated in the dissemination of these images. “I hope that these videos sexual afflictive incriminating Benjamin Griveaux and a young woman will be denied by him and his team for such a defamation would be extremely serious in the countryside for Paris,” he tweeted on Thursday 13 February at 18: 15, attaching the article that broadcasts these videos to be pornographic.

After being asked if Marlene Schiappa, secretary of State for equality between women and men remain co-listière of the candidate to the mairie of Paris, he wished to affirm its support for Benjamin Griveaux. “Once people know where it comes from this bass attack against Benjamin Griveaux [what he mentioned in his tweet, editor’s note], it is necessary to have a political debate very hard against this type of methods and the people who are behind this trap, or this assembly. To tell the truth, I think it should take, and above all, don’t withdraw “, he wrote in a little over an hour later. It is then quick to add in response : “This post is not a joke I am very serious. “

After having cancelled all of its interventions in the press scheduled on this day, Benjamin Griveaux took the floor in front of the cameras BFM TV on Friday, February 14, to explain the reasons for the withdrawal of his candidacy : “As for me, I don’t want to expose us more, me and my family, when all shots are allowed. This goes too far. This is why I decided to withdraw my candidacy to the municipal election in paris. This decision cost me a lot but my priorities are very clear, this is first and foremost my family you will understand, and then this is the project to Paris, the one that we have built and for which we are much beaten. This project, today, he will be better off without me.”