Benjamin Griveaux : the policies respond and provide their support

Benjamin Griveaux has withdrawn his candidacy for the municipal election in Paris, after that video incriminating, but not authenticated, have been disseminated on social networks. A situation in the face of which even his opponents defend.

Benjamin Griveaux will ultimately not run as a candidate In the March to the city hall of Paris during the municipal election. This Friday February 14, the political man, 42-year-old took the floor to announce his withdrawal from the race : “ I don’t want to expose us more, me and my family, when all shots are allowed. This goes too far. This is why I decided to withdraw my application […]. This decision cost me a lot but my priorities are very clear, this is first and foremost my family you will understand, and then this is the project to Paris, the one that we have built and for which we fought. This project, today, he will be better off without me.” If his opponents would have been able to celebrate this event, their opening a little more the path to victory, it is nothing. Instead, each one went to his word to support the husband of Julia Minkoswki.

All in unison

On Twitter, Cédric Villani was keen to go “to Benjamin Griveaux, as well as to his family, [his] full support in this difficult time, “stressing” the attack unworthy that he suffers “. On BFM TV, the current mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo has even been called “the respect of private life and of the people” and refocused the bulk of the debate on “the issues” of municipal governments to ” allow the Parisians to choose the project that best matches their aspirations “. Raphaël Glucksmann has also expressed her disgust : “He has my support for a republican. […] What happens to him is profoundly shocking. […] It is necessary that we stop this, if it continues, we will lose the democracy of the Republic. […] There’s a level of voyeurism profoundly dangerous. […] It has the right to attack the ideas, the behaviours of the man in public but it does not touch on the private life as long as it is legal“. An idea on which the joined Clémentine Autain, deputy of The France Insubordinate, in a post on Twitter : “Nothing illegal in what is revealed at this stage about Benjamin Griveaux. His sexual intimacy should not be on the public square “.

I address to Benjamin Griveaux, as well as to his family, my full support in this event. I take note of his difficult decision. The attack unworthy that he suffers is a serious threat to our democracy.

— Cédric Villani (@VillaniCedric) February 14, 2020

My reaction to the decision of withdrawal of the candidate of The Republic in March.

— Anne Hidalgo (@Anne_Hidalgo) February 14, 2020

Regardless of what we think of Benjamin Griveaux today, this story is deeply disgusting, and worrying for the future. The policy, this must not, this can’t be it. Ressaisissons us collectively, or we’re all going to drown in the mire.

— Raphael Glucksmann (@rglucks1) February 14, 2020