Benjamin Griveaux : what his wife Julia Minkowski couldn’t take that it told to him

Benjamin Griveaux is at the heart of a scandal. Videos of a sexual nature, which have been allocated but not authenticated, have been disseminated on the web. In response, he has therefore renounced his candidacy for the mayor of Paris. A hard kick to the protected Emmanuel Macron, but also for his wife, Julia Minkowski, who had always supported.

The night couldn’t have been easy for Benjamin Griveaux… In the evening of Thursday 13 February, the former spokesman for the government found that it was without his knowledge at the heart of a controversy. Videos that are attributed to him (without being authenticated) have been disseminated on social networks. They show a man in a erection masturbating. For the time being, the addressee remains unknown, but it would be a young woman with whom he would have already had several exchanges. “You want me to feints your video yesterday ?… What a chest ! “one can read in an exchange of text messages.

If the authenticity of these images remains to be proved, some are not private to the stream, like the candidate to the presidential election of 2022, Joachim Her-Forget. “I hope that these videos sexual afflictive incriminating Benjamin Griveaux and a young woman will be denied by him and his team for such a defamation would be extremely serious in the countryside for Paris,” said the latter on Twitter, relaying the link of the famous video. One who has renounced his candidacy for the mayor of Paris now has the primary purpose of “protect his family”.

Julia Minkowski, the wife of Benjamin Griveaux, has always argued

If this case is a real earthquake on the professional level, it contains also many of his personal life. Benjamin Griveaux is indeed in a relationship with Julia Minkowski, granddaughter to the pediatrician Alexandre Minkowski, a niece of the conductor Marc Minkowski and advocate. This last, the mother of his three children – the last of which was born on may 22, 2019 -has always been an unwavering support for the protege of Emmanuel Macron. He himself had acknowledged in the columns of Paris Match. “She gave me her shoulder, she helps me, she called me to challenge and sometimes… she yelled at them !”, he entrusted the former spokesman of the government. On his side, his wife of 40 years had not hesitated to defend it in the face of certain accusations, which she finds unfair. Asked about the supposed “sufficiency” of her husband, she had retorted : “It makes me mad, it’s so far away from what it really is. Its wrong, this is perhaps to say the things frankly in a political world where there is a lot of hypocrisy.” And not that…