Benjamin Millepied infidelity: Separated from Natalie Portman, his first response!


Discretion is key

In Hollywood, few couples are as discreet as Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman: after meeting nearly 15 years ago, they have been living a story far from the media and between two countries. After living in France between 2014 and 2016, when her husband was appointed director of the Paris Opera, the actress had insisted on returning to the United States, where her career is.

Rumors dismissed

A few weeks ago, after seven years in Los Angeles, it was the choreographer himself who announced his return to France, sparking strong rumors of a separation of the couple, or even infidelity on the part of the former star dancer. These rumors were firmly and quickly dismissed by him in the latest edition of Paris Match, released this Thursday. “Intelligent people know that the truth is not read in the tabloids,” he simply replied to our colleagues. A clarification that is clear!

Living a private life

The couple, who were seen Monday night in Paris for a romantic dinner in a Parisian restaurant and Thursday night for the gala evening at the Philarmonie, is perfectly comfortable not wanting to expose themselves in the media. According to them, it is no longer even a topic of discussion. “She and I have this desire not to expose our private life. Well, it was especially the case at the beginning of our story, now we don’t even talk about it anymore. We don’t feel the need to expose our couple. The way I promote my work doesn’t go through it. And it’s the same for her,” he explained. In addition, the status of “husband of,” Benjamin Millepied would rather do without.


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