Bernadette Chirac’s Last Wish: Castle Bought with Jacques Chirac


Bernadette Chirac, who has always been a source of unwavering support for her husband, would undoubtedly appreciate the opportunity to return to the Château de Bity.

Bernadette Chirac, who has descended from the aristocratic Chodron de Courcel family, celebrated her 90th birthday not long ago. The octogenarian has been an unwavering support for her husband Jacques Chirac, who was President of the Republic from 1995 to 2007. She has stayed in the hearts of the French for her restraint on great occasions and her commitment. Even in her advanced age, Bernadette has kept fighting for the Yellow Pieces, the work of her life.

Since the death of Jacques Chirac in 2019, she has become increasingly discreet and stays in her property in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. According to France Dimanche, the only thing that Bernadette Chirac wants is to be able to visit one of the most important places of her life before she dies; the Château de Bity. The magnificent mansion was bought by the couple in 1969, when they were deeply in love with it. At the time, Jacques Chirac was far from the presidency, but they lived their best years in the 17th century castle.

The two little girls, Laurence and Claude, were having fun in the vast gardens, enjoying the countryside. As Jacques Chirac’s functions progressed, the couple spent more and more time in Paris and, according to some media, only went once a year to this beautiful home in their last years. This was before the tragedy of 2016 when Laurence, their eldest daughter, died after having fought mental health problems all her life.

We understand that a last visit to the Château de Bity, probably with her daughter Claude, would be like paying tribute to their deceased and Bernadette Chirac, who has always been a source of unwavering support, would undoubtedly appreciate the opportunity.


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