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Bertín Osborne, Gabriela Guillén: Difficult Times Before Baby Arrival

The Tough Wait

Bertín Osborne and Gabriela Guillén are living through some of their toughest moments before having their baby. And it is not exactly a sweet wait for her, who, in her first trimester of pregnancy, has been overwhelmed by emotions. She is on sick leave by medical prescription, goes out little on the street and, on occasions, can not help but collapse.

Statements from Chabeli Navarro

Recently, she was seen crying inconsolably inside her car after leaving a medical review. Neither is the artist going through a placid stage, since Chabeli Navarro continues to make statements about him and, in the program, he assured, among other things, that when he informed him of her pregnancy, he told her it was impossible because he had had a vasectomy. Bertín’s reaction was to send a statement to another space, in which he assured that between August and November 2021 he had “no more than three or four encounters” with her and that, after being told that the Seville woman had a stable relationship with another man, he offered to take the paternity test with the intention of helping her if the baby was his. Chabeli has made new statements about the singer’s alleged pregnancy.

Financial Help

The singer also revealed that Chabeli made a statement before a notary in which she affirmed that she could not guarantee who the parent was and that the artist had encouraged her to go ahead with the pregnancy. Given the precarious economic situation in which the girl was, the artist explained that he gave her 10,000 euros and, for nine months, he periodically sent her 2,200.



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