Big Brother Vip Barbara d’urso friend of the former of Clizia Incorvaia: “he asked Me to explain how things are”

(Barbara d’urso shows the declarations of the former of Clizia Incorvaia starting from minute 5)

The sentimental crisis of Clizia Incorvaia is one of the themes that are animating discussions about the Big Brother Vip 2020. The girl, the ex-wife of the leader of the Vibrations Francesco Sarcina, has yielded to the attraction to Paul Ciavarro, only to then reveal their own guilt against a man who was the first to enter the House most watched of Italy.

The mystery of her identity and it lasted for a while: his name is Tiberio Carcano, is an entrepreneur, no stranger to the world of the show and in an interview stated that he is not the boyfriend of Hazel, free, as such, to experience the best of the television experience.

To add a piece to the story now is Barbara D’urso , who in the course of the last bet of Pomeriggio5, has addressed the topic by explaining to be a friend of Tiberius , and want to clarify once and for all, the nature of the relationship between him and a competitor to the GF Vip.

Barbara d’urso on the flirting between Hazel and ‘the mysterious man’: “He is one of my dearest friend”

Barbara d’urso has intervened on the issue when Lory Del Santo has claimed to be aware of another relationship lived by Clizia last year with a man who would not be Tiberio Carcano.

“This man you speak of you is the previous. There is another man, called Tiberius. It is one of my dearest friend, is not accustomed to go on television and are not used to interviews”, said the presenter: “He and I, we feel 120 times a day because he was surprised by this situation. The broadcasts seek him, the newspapers seek him because he goes like this man that is waiting for you outside. The reality of it, and he asked me to say, is that Tiberius and Clizia have had this liaison lasted a month. Tiberius is a person cute. It is separated by about a year by a wonderful woman who is a dear friend of mine, they have a child. He is single but he attended Hazel for a month. Then she came in the House and he told her to behave like a single woman. He had also asked to be reserved. So now that it came out his name, he is in shock. He said, ‘Barbara, I don’t know what to do, help me’”.

Essentially, therefore, the presenter has confirmed what has already been said by him in his one statement: “we never talked about engagement. It is right that Clizia is living this experience to the full, loves including. Clizia you are being rude to me, but…”. Now let’s see if Hazel will be informed of his words in the course of the next episode of GF Vip.