Big Brother Vip Except for the Venetian expelled from the GF Vip, the wife: “is Not good, I heard a wounded person”


A few hours from the notification of the disqualification Unless the Venetian from Big Brother Vip, the wife of the now former contestant of the reality show commented on the ‘Morning 5’ to the strict measure taken to her husband after one of his phrases that one reads in the press – “you have violated the rules and the spirit of the program”.

In front of the cameras of the transmission of Federica Panicucci (that yesterday was also expressed against the entrepreneur sicilian) Giusy Merendino wanted to reiterate what has already been stated yesterday in a post on Instagram, and then not to share the words to speak Except to Elisa De Panicis (“There was that little girl, the whole transparent co ‘I’m culettino… That deserves two slaps that you need to break the spine to… Unseat the head and to leave the skin on the bed… “). The woman, however, has the duty to affirm yet that the father of her children is not a violent person and that, having heard by phone that after the expulsion, the is seemed to be very tried for the incident.

Except for the Venetian in the storm, speaks to the wife, Giusy Merendino: “I apologize in his name”

Except for the Venetian disqualified from the GF Vip: the words of the wife

“I do not agree with the form and the substance of his words. I ask once again apologize in his name for his attitude, especially towards women, that they feel touched,” said the wife, Except Venetian ‘Morning 5’: “I am a woman. When I saw that video, I did not recognize my husband. And’ a person with whom I live, for the past twenty years and is the father of my children. I know that is not a violent person. His words had a literal meaning but the metaphorical”.

“When he says ‘slay’ in the sicilian does not mean to kill her,” he added still Giusy: “It was great, I understand, but it is not a violent person. He wanted to make people laugh, was the classic attitude at the bar. I am not defending my husband but if it was a violent, I would not be sitting in this chair”. After the measure of GF Vip, Giusy has had the opportunity to hear on the phone to the husband: “is Not good, just because it initially had not been aware of what he did”, said: “If it is realized later, when they showed the video. He apologized to the authors, to the production, to me and to his daughter, and apologizes to all the women. I heard a wounded person”.


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