Big Brother Vip Fernanda Lessa talks about her husband and they moved: “my fairy-tale love”


(Fernanda Lessa, aches, thinking of her family and especially her husband)

It is not passed even one week from the entrance into the House of Big Brother Vip and for some competitors it is already time for a deep nostalgia for all that is dear. He admitted with sincerity, and also with a few tears Fernanda Lessa that the fellow has told the story of the deep love that binds her to her husband Luca Zocchi, met him when she never would have thought of being able to believe in a feeling so pure as the lord.

“I never believed in love forever, that I would get married, that I would have been with only one man for the whole life, until I saw,” he said, moved the former model: “it is the stuff of fairy tale, before I was completely aseptic. I feel so lucky”. “You are the demonstration of theological thinking that love exists… Miraculously there is,” said Barbara Alberti listening to the words of Fernanda which, recently, has told the difficulties of a past marked by excesses.

Who is Luca Zocchi, the husband of Fernanda Lessa

Fernanda Lessa and Luca Zocchi met on the job, when the barman turin was already boyfriend. Closed that story, the two started dating, giving way to a story that is sealed with the marriage celebrated in Cumiana (Turin) in 2017. The former showgirl is a mother of two girls born from the relationship with the ex-mate Davide Dileo ‘Boosta’. The protagonist of the program ‘Second Life’, conducted in Real Time by Gabriele Parpiglia, Fernanda Lessa told the addiction to drugs and alcohol, the excesses, the loves lived and failed in the course of an existence that is anything but serene, marred by the painful tragedy of the loss of a son, who died shortly after being born.


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