Big Brother Vip Gf Vip 4, Wanda Nara columnist: “you will Discover the real me. With the Baby is born a beautiful friendship” (INTERVIEW)


And the last to arrive at the press conference of presentation of the reality tv show, you have to wait just like the real dive, but then pulls then an affability and a vein of ironic unusual compared to the image from the femme fatale to which we are accustomed to today. Ready to sit on the bench of opinion-makers with the singer Pupo, the attorney for the sport and the wife of Mauro Icardi is one of the most anticipated reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, via Wednesday, 8 January on Channel 5. And here it is said, from the first meeting with Alfonso, the estimate for Ilary Blasi and Barbara d’urso

Big Brother Vip 2020: when it begins, the cast, the conductor and what is there to know


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