Big Brother Vip Gf Vip, Lycia in tears after the episode: “At Imma I have given 7 years of my life”

(In the video above the vent of Licia Nunez)

During the confrontation, live on tv, has managed to keep a cool head, but immediately after the bet Licia Nunez is collapsed. The meeting with Imma Battle, which was engaged for 7 years, has reopened old wounds , and the actress has not held back the tears.

In the room with Andrea Denver, and Rita Rusic, Licia let go a cry liberating: “I gave 7 years of my life. Passes a message totalmnte wrong. There are facts, videos, tests, show them. I never expected to meet her, and I did not expect even an admission of guilt on his part. Has not made in due time, let alone at a distance of ten years, but you can not deny the evidence“.

The actress insists the story of the betrayal – is denied by Imma Battle – and reveals other behind the scenes: “In 50 years you don’t have the balls to tell me that you’re in love with another woman? The story of his 50 years did not go well. She had told me that he wanted to celebrate his 50 years in Jerusalem with his mother, my was an act of love. He knew Eva for a few months and have spent Christmas together, he has also written on his personal agenda”.

“When you love you want to understand things, he continued, Licia, consoled by Rita Rusic -, you want to understand why those coincidences, because that day was distracted, because on that day in the kitchen asked ‘can You love two people at the same time?’“.

“Tears of frustration”, as defined Licia Nunez, who is carrying around the regret of not having faced this situation: “is It always the same error, I don’t face never the person. I take my suitcase and go out”.