Big Brother Vip Massimo Ciavarro: “Paul involved in the story with Hazel. I’m afraid I find it different after the GF Vip”

Massimo Ciavarro, host of “True” in the episode aired on February 22, discuss the story of love born in the house of Big Brother Vip between his son Paul and the model Clizia Incorvaia.

“Paul is very much involved in this story. He is doing his life, is taking forward this as a courtship of other times. He put Hazel on a pedestal,” says the actor: “I Find it very beautiful that people will be keen on this normal relationship”. The microphones of the talk show, also, the actor is confident that she will be afraid not to find the same Paul when it comes out from the House: “I saw it different. I’m afraid of find another person because I believe that inside, psychologically, people can change.”

Massimo Ciavarro on the ex-wife Eleonora Giorgi

Silvia University that asks what do you think about theex-wife Eleonora Giorgi returned from a raid in the House, the actor clarifies: “It’s a cyclone. You need to time. In these situations, so impromptu has not had the opportunity to explain its reasoning.”

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