Bisciglia and Camassa you are ever betrayed? The answer to the ‘Maurizio Costanzo Show’

(Filippo Bisciglia and Pamela Camassa respond to the question about the betrayals, at the Maurizio Costanzo Show)

Filippo Bisciglia and Pamela Camassa they’ve been engaged for 12 years and today, both veterans from the participation in ‘Friends with Celebrities’, are in the pink of the couples most admired in the world of the show and, as such, has had the opportunity to tell their stories in the talk show Maurizio Costanzo.

Being together for so long is not easy, and the two have admitted without falsehood from the stage of the show to Channel 5 when the conductor has made the question more saucy about any betrayals are mutual: if you really believe in giving negative response was the winner of the talent, less drastic was the replica of the companion, sincere in admitting that with the imagination of a little something may well happen.

Filippo Bisciglia and Pamela Camassa you are ever betrayed?

Goaded him by Maurizio Costanzo have long embraced Giorgia Meloni shortly before he left the studio, Filippo Bisciglia explained he had kissed the leader of Brothers of Italy to satisfy the request of his mother. And it was then that the conductor asked them if in the pair there have been betrayals in the course of their long relationship. “For me, no,” he said some Pamela; “For us men, with the imagination…” he admitted instead Philip first to ask a support to the other host Francesco Facchinetti, many people to not speak about it.

Filippo Bisciglia and Pamela Camassa have faced and overcome a crisis of couple a few years ago, rivelandola only after the end of Friends Celebrities. “For a time we have left. But in my life I would have never given up on her, who is my everything,” he told in an interview to the weekly magazine Chi he, even with this response so authentic, confirms the harmony that marks his relationship with the companion.

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