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Black Magic Accusation vs. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mom: False & Macabre

For months, there has been speculation about the supposed tension between Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez. She recently denied it (“It’s just envy”) but the rumors persist. The tabloids suggest that the couple’s storm is due to various reasons, such as a supposed betrayal of Cristiano (with a Venezuelan influencer), and the fact that the footballer can no longer stand the “more arrogant and egocentric” side of his partner, which was highlighted in the second season of the Netflix docu-series Soy Georgina. It is also said that the influencer does not get along with Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, or Ronaldo’s mother (who, incidentally, did not even tolerate the former son’s, Irina Shayk). This indiscretion was confirmed when the sixty-eight-year-old was not featured in the new season of the series. However, Dolores had never commented on the gossip about her. But now, a Portuguese newspaper has even insinuated that the lady, in order to remove Georgina from her son, would have resorted to “black magic”. This time, Ronaldo’s mother exploded. Through a statement released via Instagram, the lady made it known that she intends to sue the newspaper that spread “this false, defamatory and even macabre news where acts of horror are mentioned” allegedly ordered by her to “tear away the happiness of one of my children”. Mrs. Aveiro declared that “this slander is malicious, unfounded” and that she has already contacted her lawyers. She also wrote the statement on behalf of the whole family, “including Georgina”. Maria Dolores further stated that she will not stop until the truth is restored, as the family is “the most precious good” and she intends to protect her four children and eleven grandchildren. Only Ronaldo has had five, including Cristiano jr. and the twins Eva and Matteo, all born from a surrogate mother, and two girls had by Georgina: Alana Martina and Bella Esmerada. For this reason, the lady decided to take legal action, as the accusations of witchcraft are too much. To defend her good name and that of her family, she has decided to turn to lawyers and will not rest until the newspaper proves everything it has written. As the grandmother of many grandchildren, some of whom “already read and listen to people and criticism”, Dolores is determined to fight against this “black magic”.



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