Blanche Gardin reveals that she will never have children : it takes a radical decision

In the columns of Télérama, the comedian Blanche Gardin has revealed that she could not become a mother. But rather than using science, the star has decided to accept, reluctantly, his destiny.

Blanche Gardin



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The life of Blanche Gardin was not a long quiet river. If she knows today the success, the comedian has once been a teenage girl tormented. In the columns of the Obs, in February 2017, she described herself as a “smoker shit a 17 year old”. “With a girlfriend, we said, come, we are going to commit suicide”, she had even clarified. A complicated period, which was followed by a series of bad decisions. At the time, she had indeed made a trip of nine months through Europe, including Naples, Italy, where she ended up in a gang “of punks dog under LSD”. After the death of her boyfriend of the time, died of a drug overdose, she had finally decided to go back to Paris with his parents. But then again, life has not always smiled. After the death of his father, died of a cancer, the comedian, of now 43 years, has been interned in a psychiatric hospital. A test which she could never recover, if her ex-husband Nicolas Deconinck had not reached out.

Blanche Gardin does not wish to have recourse to the science

Divorced from Blanche Gardin since 2009, Nicolas Deconinck has kept fairly good relations with the latter. It must be said that he was very supportive to his release from the psychiatric hospital. Not to mention that it is his side that she learned a sad news : she can never become mother. As she reveals in the columns of Télérama, the actress Workingirls was “convinced that it was normal to be a mother”, but the nature he has “one big stop”. While it probably would have been able to have recourse to the science, it has also decided not to do so. And for a question of belief. “The reflection has been difficult, but I decided not to give in to this notion, unhealthy, according to which our desires must necessarily be solved, if necessary, by the technical”, concluded the author of the show Good nuit blanche, which intends to “resist the victimology”. A speech in which you know surely many women.